Service changes go into effect June 25; Orange Line and Silver Line to operate around-the-clock

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The above flier details the changes. The Orange Line (between North Hollywood and Reseda Station, the busiest part of the line) and Silver Line (between El Monte and Harbor Gateway) will now operate 24 hours a day while six other busy bus lines will operate at 15-minute frequencies in peak direction during peak hours.

Here are the new timetables. And here’s the full news release.

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  1. The pamphlet with service changes initially stated Orange Line owl service would run between North Hollywood and Chatsworth. Why has it since been limited to Reseda?

  2. I’m glad that the Silver Line will be adding more 910/950 buses between 6pm and 7pm. What is really needed are more south bound buses from 4pm to 6pm. The buses are ridiculously overcrowded at 5p.m.I’m sure it is a safety hazard to have so many people on the bus. Please let line 950 remain an express bus and NOT make all stops. My third wish is that line 950 leaves San Pedro every 15 to 20 minutes in the morning.

  3. Yes! 24-hour service on parts of the Metro Orange and Silver Lines! Thank you so much Metro. If only there was owl service on some north-south streets that intersect the Metro Orange Line, such as Sepulveda, Laurel Canyon, and Reseda Boulevards.

  4. Didn’t anyone at Metro check to see which of its existing east/west bus lines south of DTLA already run all night long?

    Remarkable that Metro is going to the expense of extending the Silver Line to service 24-hours a day, but is providing ZERO connection(s) to any existing east/west Metro local/rapid bus lines in the South Bay and/or Gateway Cities regions from the Silver-Line segment between DTLA and Harbor Gateway during these late-night hours that will be added to the Silver Line’s operations–or indeed at any hour of existing service after about midnight (1:00 a.m., at the latest).

    The only existing 24-hour (late-night) east/west Metro bus line that crosses the Silver Line south of DTLA seems to be Line 111, and it provides NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER with any Silver-Line station.

    Why didn’t Metro provide a Silver-Line station on the Harbor Freeway at Florence long ago? After all, that’s where the only east/west bus line that runs all night long crosses the Silver Line south of DTLA–but there still is NO Silver-Line station at Florence. Also, Line 111 already seems to carry more passenger traffic than other east/west bus lines south of DTLA, and the Blue Line already carries more passengers than the Silver Line.

    Of course, the logical alternative to extending the Silver Line’s hours to cover overnight service would be to extend the operating hours of the BLUE LINE to cover these late night (overnight) hours, because existing Line 111 thereby could continue picking up east/west passengers at the Florence BLUE LINE Station all night long. Somehow that seems not to be in Metro’s plans.

    Why not?

    • Metro didn’t design the Harbor Freeway Transitway, Caltrans did. The Environmental Impact Report for the project was completed back in 1985, about the same time the 105/Century Freeway was being built. For reasons probably lost to history, none of the rejected alternatives for the Transitway ever planned to include a stop at Florence Ave.

      An easier and cheaper alternative would to have late night 111 trips detour down to Manchester Ave Station.

  5. Definitely some misprints I would assume on the timetables (See Rapid Line 704 departures after eastbound, there is no way anyone can go from Ocean to Westwood in 7 min, even late night and running red lights). But nice to see the Silver Line and Orange Line running around the clock.

    Speaking of the 704 Rapid, what’s up with the Short Line terminating at Westwood westbound, but the Turnaround originating in San Vicente eastbound??