Artists pop-up at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

Artist Jamex de la Torre at pop-up event at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

The artist George Evans and artist team of Jamex and Einar de la Torre participated in two Metro pop-up events at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station, sharing their past artworks and interacting with riders and community members. These conversations are intended to help inform the artists’ artwork designs for the station, which is slated for a significant makeover.

“The riders that use this station deserve to have first class amenities and services. I look forward to beginning the hard work of renovation and making this station a gem among Metro’s stations,” said County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Artist George Evans at pop-up event at Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

The artists will develop integrated artworks that are guided by research and community engagement. The artworks will explore the legacy of Rosa Parks and the memory of the civil rights movement, and offer a vibrant, bold and uplifting complement to the station improvements.

As County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Sheila Kuehl declared, “Art is always part of what we [Metro] do…let’s have something gorgeous for Rosa Parks.”

Past artwork by Jamex and Einar de la Torre at San Diego’s Central Library

A community-based panel composed of arts professionals selected the artists. The group was drawn to Jamex and Einar de la Torre’s vast experience in public art matched with their ability to merge historical and contemporary content in a bold and evocative way. According to panelist and fellow artist Charles Dickson, “their artwork makes a strong visual presence while encouraging people to slow down and look at their environment differently. You will go to the station every day and see something new.”

The photo-based collage work of artist George Evans will be featured on the interior of the new Customer Service Center planned for the improved station. According to panelist and artist Richard Wyatt, Evans’ work “engages with the urban environment, but takes you beyond using familiar imagery in unexpected ways.”

George Evans was born and raised in South Los Angeles and was drawn to art following his father’s path (he was a graphic designer and sign painter). Committed to cultivating the next generation of young artists, Evans formed the Youth Art Team in South Los Angeles in the 1990s.

Part artwork by George Evans

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  1. Such an important part of the process of public art: the connection with the community 🙂 Great idea to pop-up at the station and interact with the users! Great job Metro!