Actions taken today by the Metro Board of Directors

(pdf here for download and printing)

The complete recap is here. And here are some of the more interesting items that the Board tackled at its Thursday meeting:

•On a 12 to 0 vote, the Board approved A motion to select the ‘Transportation System Management/Transportation Demand Management’ option as the locally preferred alternative for the 710 North project. In English, that means local road improvements instead of a significantly more expensive freeway tunnel that would need more funding. Here’s the motion and 710 status update and I’ll have a blog post up later today.

•The Board approved a new low income fare subsidy program to replace the existing Rider Relief Transportation Program (RRTP) and Immediate Needs Transportation Program (INTP). The new program will eventually replace coupons and tokens with TAP cards. Staff report. Board Member Mike Bonin made a good point: these kind of programs need to be promoted on par with other PR Metro campaigns.

•The Board approved a budget of $6.1 billion for Metro for the 2017-18 fiscal year beginning July 1. Staff report. The budget keeps existing bus and train service levels and here’s the budget pie chart:

•The Board approved a new project definition for the Eastside Gold Line Extension that includes three routes to be studied in a revised draft environmental study: the SR 60 North Side Design Variation Alternative to South El Monte, the Washington Boulevard Alternative with Atlantic Below-Grade Option to Whittier and a combined alternative with both routes and a three-way junction that would allow trains to run between South El Monte, East L.A. and Whittier.

Here’s a presentation on the project:

Urbanize LA this week also took a good look at the project — and raised some questions, especially about the C route. One thing I want to clarify: the Board approval is only calling for a more comprehensive study of the three alternatives.

The Board also approved the following motion:


Gold Line Eastside Extension

The Measure M Expenditure Plan includes a groundbreaking date of FY 2029 for one alignment and a groundbreaking date of FY 2053 for a second alignment. Upon completion of the revised environmental document, WE THEREFORE MOVE that Metro also report back on options to comply with the above groundbreaking dates, and potential opportunities for accelerating both alignments.

•The Board approved a contract modification with Cubic — the company that does the technology behind TAP cards — for software updates that staff say will eventually include “the ability to tap and load your TAP card within an app on select smart phones and tablets. As early as 7-9 months from the start of development, the mobile app will be deployed. Planned future phases include the ability for phones to be used as virtual TAP cards to open gates and interact with other fare payment devices.” Staff report.

•The Board approved adding a $3 daily parking fee and $59 monthly fee for Monrovia Station on the Gold Line. Similar fees have already been approved for APU/Citrus and Irwindale stations. Staff report.

•The Board approved $81-million contract for Blue Line track and signal upgrades that should reduce delays for maintenance work and when there’s service issues. Staff report.

•The Board approved a $1.24-million contract to Clean Energy Renewables for a pilot project to supply biomethane gas to fuel Metro buses. If successful, the contract has a $54.8-million option. Biomethane results in fewer overall greenhouse gas emissions than other types of natural gas due to the fact that no drilling is required. See the staff report for more info.







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  1. One thing about the “Virtual TAP card” replacement for the phone – probably would need to find an alternative to reach low-income/minority populations to address access (phasing out the physical card for the virtual card may possibly hit a Title VI snag). While TAP has been awesome, hopefully cubic would continue to maintain the capabilities for a physical card in the future – and especially after the pilot of the new cards are out.

  2. When can metro please paint the top of the canopy at firestone station and actually repaint the entire firestone station and cleam the firestone station elevator because it smells as someone has been uding it as a restroom and has flies in front of it downstairs and when can metro please extend rhe walkwsu ay firestonr northbound and add a elebator on the northside so riders can stop risking there lives running on red lights or out in front of traffic just to catch the westbound 115 manchrsyer firestone metro buses and when can metro please bring thr weztbound 108 Slauson metro bus stop closer to the Slauson blueline station and when can metro bribg a bike hib and bike program near or to the 3 blueline stations in FlorenceFirestone Community please and when can metro bring more metros projects,events abd programs abd e.t.c to the FlorenceFirestone Community and fix sone of FlorenceFirestone Community streets and e.t.c please and when can the 115 metro bus please get some fouble buses to run along its route and when can metro enhance the bus stops equally thruout FlorenceFirestone Community and add another netro bus to service firestone blueline station please and can metro please bring some new decal and or art to the concrete walls and bridge at firestone blueline station please thanl you

  3. The “C” route is a complete waste of time and money. Either the Washington Route or the 60 route can follow the current route to just before 1st/Alameda and then turn North into LAUS and then maybe continue on to Chinatown and then use the current Midway Yard as storage. Passengers heading downtown can transfer anywhere between Atlantic and Alisio station to the Santa Monica bound trains or go to LAUS to transfer to Red or Purple subways

  4. $59 Monthly Parking for Monrovia! That’s insane! I park there every morning. The only reason I take Metro is because my work charges parking.

    • That parking garage surely cost over $6 million to build… There is not such thing as free lunch.

      • My complaint is that it’s 59, among the highest compared to other Metro stations. I get why stations like NOHO, Universal CIty, Expo/La Cienega can charge that much. But Monrovia? They should have kept the current $39 monthly parking fee for preferred parking spots, which right now are under-utilized.