Video: latest Metro Motion explores tunneling machines, P3s and Malibu

Here is the most recent episode of Metro Motion, the agency’s show that airs on local cable television as well as YouTube. Click here for prior episodes.

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  1. It seems Metro Motion is a video series, but, altho I’m on your email list, this is the first one I’ve been aware of. It might be interesting to see some of the previous Metro Motion videos.

  2. The impact of the “BART Station” attraction on the Studio Tour at Universal Studios is something all tunneling engineers must really enjoy having to explain away.

  3. For the Regional Connector, what is the reason that the cut and cover approach will be used south of 4th Street instead of the tunnel boring machine (TBM)?

    Have TBMs ever been used,decades ago, for the construction of the Red Line subway?

    • I think it has something to do with connecting the bored tunnels to the existing tunnel housing 7th St/Metro Center’s tail tracks, they have to be lined up and connected carefully, all the while the station and its facilities are in use.