The Hollywood + Vine bike hub is opening Friday!

The first Metro Bike Hub opened at El Monte Station in 2015, and now we’re gearing up to open the second at Hollywood and Vine on Friday, May 19. The public is welcome to come to the opening ceremony that morning at 9 a.m.

The Hollywood + Vine Metro Bike Hub has capacity for 64 bicycles and is located around the corner from the Red Line Hollywood/Vine Station. In anticipation of its opening, here’s a quick refresher of seven things you need to know about Metro Bike Hubs.

What is a Metro Bike Hub?

A Metro Bike Hub is a facility that offers bicyclists a safe and convenient place to park their bikes. The hub has controlled entry and 24/7 access for paid members. Attended hours vary by location and offer repair services and bike rentals. There’s a retail section for bike lights, bike locks and many other bike accessories. Metro Bike Hubs also provide free clinics such as Flat Tire Repair and Bicycle Commuting 101.

Why should I use a Metro Bike Hub?

When you park your bike at a bike hub, you’ll know that it is secure. The bike hub has CCTV coverage and a security alarm. Supporting amenities catering to bike commuters make it a one-stop shop for your bike transit needs.

Where are they?

There is currently one Metro Bike Hub located at the front of El Monte Station. The second will be opening in a few weeks at Hollywood and Vine.

How do I gain access to a hub?

Register for membership online or visit a Metro Bike Hub during attended hours. Once you are registered, you will receive a bike hub card that gives you 24/7 access to the hub. An ID card or driver’s license can also be registered and used to enter.

How much does a bike hub membership cost?

There are three membership passes available. A 7-day pass costs $5, a 30-day pass costs $12 and a 1-year pass costs $60. Discounts are available for Seniors (62+), Disabled, Medicare and students K-12. You can pay with a credit or debit card online. Cash is accepted only during staffed hours: 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on weekdays. A bike can be left parked at the hub for up to 72 consecutive hours without extra charge.

Inside the new Hollywood + Vine bike hub.

Do I need a lock?

Yes, you’ll need to provide your own bike lock to secure your bike to the rack. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from the hub retail section during staffed hours.

Are there more bike hubs in the works?

Yes! Metro recently broke ground on the Union Station bike hub. It’s set to open later this year, and another is set to open in Culver City next year.

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12 replies

  1. What happened to NoHo location??? “The North Hollywood Metro Red and Orange Line Stations are two of Metro’s busiest stations for bicycle boardings and bicycle parking. Metro plans to utilize space for the bike hub in the newly restored Lankershim Depot for customer service, bike repair and retail. Enclosed, secure bike parking will be located on adjacent property. The hub will provide at least 200 secure bike parking spaces. Metro plans to start design work in 2016, with a possible opening in 2018. Metro will also coordinate with future joint development efforts in NoHo to identify opportunities for expansion of the bike hub.”

    • Hi Christopher;

      There are absolutely still plans to open a bike hub at NoHo. I don’t have a firm opening date but I’ll check the status.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. I also registered and couldn’t find the senior pricing. So I paid $5 for a 7 day pass.

    What does a 7 day pass mean? I can only use the pass in a 7 day period? Or I can use it 7 times? Can I come and go several times in one day and that is counted as one day?

    Can I get a refund for the standard pricing and how is the senior pricing put on to the pass? Too many questions. I agree with the other poster that you should be able to use your Senior TAP card instead. Having two cards is not a good idea.

  3. I can not understand why anyone would want to drive a car in LA (or anywhere for that matter) and not ride a bicycle. The health, environmental and financial benefits are real, measurable and spectacular. Effort needs to be put in presenting this vital information to the masses. We need to change the cultural mindset, and the grossly expanded waistlines and all the grief that goes with it!

    • I had a coworker who would bike into work. It sounded like a great idea till you have to spend 8 hours seated next to a sweaty smelly person.

  4. OK, where’s the Senior discount? Yep, I already have a Senior TAP card, which is something you plan years ahead for. There’s absolutely nothing about this from BikeHub, the operators, on the sign up page, nor their website.

    I’d like to just use the TAP card, which has a picture and I had to send in ID to Metro. There aren’t gonna be many senior type using this, how about you make it easy? I bike everywhere.

    • Hi,

      The cost for Seniors is $3, $6 and $25 respectively. Per the cost section of the bike hub page:

      Discounts given for Seniors (62+), Disabled, Medicare and Students K-12 with valid identification. Online registrations will charged the Standard Cost, and refunds will be given in-store during staffed hours only.

      Hope this helps!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • Hi Anna. My wife and I have been numbers 1 and 2 on the wait list for a locker at this station since around 2007. We’re out of town until the 20th, so I can’t enroll us online (as I don’t have a photo of my bike with me). Is there anyway you or someone else could help me out?

        • Hi John,

          If you mean registering for the bike hub, I would recommend calling staff at 888.659.2291 or emailing For bike locker assistance, please call 213-922-2660 or email This way you’ll be able to directly reach the people who are managing the lockers and bike hub. Hope this helps!

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source