Honoring our Travel Buddies

If you’re an older adult who find the ins and outs of public transportation a little intimidating, consider being part of the On the Move Riders Club. The club is part of Metro’s outreach to older adults. We teach older adults about the benefits of public transit and familiarize them with local transportation options, and we can even hook you up with a Travel Buddy — older adults who are experts at navigating bus and rail transit and trained on how to help their peers.

Metro recently hosted a Travel Buddies luncheon to recognize the excellent work Travel Buddies have been doing through their respective clubs. Travel Buddies are all volunteers who are dedicated to empowering other older adults in their communities. They help organize transit outings, such as group sight-seeing trips or one-on-one trips to the grocery store or doctor. They also assist their peers in applying for Senior TAP cards.

Riders who are 62 and older are eligible for discounted Metro fares if using a Senior TAP card. Please click here for information on how to apply.