How We Roll, April 26: Blue/Expo delays, DragCon, I-5 crash, Expo zoning

Blue/Expo Line delays: A very rough morning on both lines because of issues between Pico Station and Grand/LATTC Station with the overhead wires that power the trains. In perusing the response from riders on Twitter (click on ‘notifications’), some felt like Metro did a good job handling the delays while other riders said things were disorganized with the bus shuttles. The Blue Line and Expo Line are Metro’s busiest light rail lines and they share about 1.2 miles of track between 7th/Metro and the intersection of Washington and Flower. Losing the ability to fully use those tracks means big-time delays.

Dept. of Go Metro: 

Bill to kill proposed tunnel for 710 freeway gap fails, but that doesn’t make tunnel more likely, opponents say (SGV Trib)

A bill by Assemblymember Chris Holden died in committee last week, largely because his colleagues said the 710 North project was a local concern — and not one in which they should be deciding/meddling. The project proposes to improve congestion in the area around the gap in the 710 between Alhambra and Pasadena.

As the Trib notes, the 710 North’s draft environmental study could be going to the Metro Board this spring, meaning it will be up to the Board to decide how to proceed. The impact of the state bill…well, doesn’t seem to be much impact. Folks on different sides remain unswayed and it will likely be up to the Board to decide how to go forward.

The project proposes five alternatives: no build, a freeway tunnel, light rail, bus rapid transit and traffic signal/intersection improvements in the impacted corridor.

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  1. I feel like you guys made this video just for me. Drag queens taking (over) the subway all across LA! <3

    • LOL. RuPaul’s team made the video, but a few of us got to tag along and we’re happy to share. They were great and I like how the video emphasizes the event over the transit but shows the transit. Makes it a lot more appealing, I think, to a broad audience.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. One must realize when bus bridges are implemented especially during early morning service and late after noon service not only is there a shortage of buses and bus operators but in many cases those Bus Bridge buses are stripped away from normal service. So while train passengers are accommodated as best as possible those waiting for their scheduled bus must wait longer since their usual scheduled bus has been diverted to a rail line disruption.