How We Roll, April 20: deodorizers for the subway, improving the rider experience, Go Metro to DragCon

Dept. of Nasal-Minded Innovations: 

From my colleague Anna Chen.

The plans are to install the deodorizers in every rail car — four per car. The deodorizers have charcoal granules in them that are designed to absorb odors and have a very, very slight lavender vanilla scent. The deodorizers will initially be installed on the Red/Purple Lines. We’re guessing that many people may not even notice, but perhaps some will. Feel free to let us know what you think on our main Twitter feed.

Art of Transit: 

Manila Luzon spent a day on the system yesterday to film promotions for RuPaul’s DragCon, which takes place April 29-30 at the L.A. Convention Center. That’s only steps away from Pico Station, shared by the Blue Line and Expo Line. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

Mobility-related tweets:

Kind of interesting from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s State of the City speech this morning. The Board currently has committees that cover planning, finance and budget, safety and operations, construction and executive management.

The key words there are “prototype” and “looking.” 🙂

Los Angeles State Historic Park set to open after 16-year delay (LAT)

DTLA’s newest park is easily accessible from the Gold Line’s Chinatown Station. The park opens April 22, 2017. Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro.

Nice piece about the history of the 32 acres of land adjacent to the Gold Line’s Chinatown Station (despite the misleading headline, the park was open for a long time before being closed for its makeover).

A view of the park from my colleague Joe Lemon:

L.A. Bike Share draws 130,000 rides but still in race to meet goal (KPCC)

A look at the numbers thus far. As the chart below shows, ridership declined during a very wet winter (not to mention the usual shorter days). But it’s nice out now — and…

I think it’s also fair to point out that bike lanes in DTLA (and many other parts of our region) are still very much a work-in-progress. The more places to ride, the more people will probably want to ride.

A Twitter conversation also followed with some interestingness.

Site cleared for 17-story tower at La Cienega/Jefferson station (Urbanize LA)

After five years of little happening, the Expo Line-adjacent building may finally be moving toward construction. Key word: ‘may.’

American needs a ‘Metropolitan Party’ (Citylab)

The argument for this new political party: cities are where things actually get done these days with less partisan rancor that seems to infest the country’s statehouses or Congress.

Plans revealed for new park beneath Sixth Street Bridge (Curbed LA)

The park would be on both the east and west of the new structure. Pretty cool and some nice open space for the Arts/Industrial Districts and Boyle Heights. City of L.A. presentation with renderings.

By 2020, 50% of workforce will be remote. Here’s how. (Wall Street Journal)

In this video, the Big Cheese at Citrix says a lot more people will be a lot less tied to their desks.

Working remotely isn’t quite the same as working at home (take that, rush hour traffic!), but here are some Census numbers on that front, although they’re getting a little long in the tooth.


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  1. hooray for smelling good. a little detail that makes a better ride experience.

  2. “the Big Cheese at Citrix says a lot more people will be a lot less tied to their desks.”
    Spoken by someone with a product to sell.
    I have been hearing this spiel forever, I guess the executives haven’t heard that micro size apartments with noisy roommates isn’t the best work environment. Team building by email is frought with danger and potential misunderstanding – no facial or voice expression. Not going into the increased IT related security risks.