How We Roll, April 17: happy tax day and clearing the docket

Heads up Tuesday morning commuters with good cell connections: NASA is showing a live rocket launch online in a 360-degree format. “Launch is targeted for Tuesday, April 18 during a 30-minute window that opens at 11:11 a.m. EDT,” says NASA, meaning the window begins at 8:11 a.m. our time. More info here.

Things to read whilst transiting 1: #vanlife, the Bohemian social media movement in the New Yorker. It looks so cool but it’s just selling stuff through Instagram.

Happy Tax Day! From the IRS:

Art of Transpo: 

Highway 58 outside the Carrizo Plains National Monument this weekend — another crazy wildflower bloom. I posted some more pics over at my photo blog for those into that sort of thing (click above). Photo courtesy Steve Hymon.

From the Dept. of Cultural Commentary: Too much of everything, Lady Gaga. I prefer something a little more restrained.

Airport Metro Connector renderings: whole batch is here. Here’s one that shows the train platforms down at street level with the people mover going to LAX up above.


Costs soar after Huntington Park picks politically connected firm to provide bus service (LAT)

Some officials say the city was desperate to keep service in place, others say it was a sweetheart deal that didn’t really try to reign in costs. Good local news story.

Field of dreams: the Cornfields through the years (KCET)

Los Angeles State Historic Park opens on Saturday — and it’s a short stroll to the Gold Line’s Chinatown Station. The post looks at the land’s recent history.

Elon Musk says Tesla semi-truck to debut in September (LAT)

Other firms are also vying to get electric or zero-emission trucks to market. Musk also says that Tesla will build an electric pickup truck, which is mighty interesting given the popularity of pickups in the U.S., with most getting poor to so-so fuel mileage.

Tweets that caught my eye: 

Yep they worked and had all sorts of generic programming — basically a good argument to invest in noise canceling headphones.

We’re getting a lot more feedback on the impending parking fees at NoHo and Universal than we did on Expo last year, although that certainly spurred some public conversation, too. FWIW, I do think it’s going to free up spaces for those who don’t arrive ultra-early each morning. Here’s our post about the fees along with dozens of comments.

Cluck cluck cluck. The Ducks are up 2 games to 0 heading into tonight’s game at Calgary. Go Flames!

Things to read whilst transiting 2: Eric Eyre’s investigative series on how drug companies are shipping millions of pills to poor and rural counties in West Virginia that have some of the highest overdose rates in the country. The series won a Pulitzer last week for investigative reporting.

Culver City posted this last month:



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  1. I really, really, really hope that the Tesla pick up will have a 4-wheel drive option, good ground clearance (possibly with adjustable ride modes), and 110 volt outlets. I would love to give one a real good shake down.

  2. The promo for the Expo Line is well made, but it doesn’t do much to play up the bus connections and where they can take you. Both Culver City Bus and the Big Blue Bus offer connections to LAX (from the Sepulveda and Downtown SM stations, respectively), as well as routes serving several nearby commercial corridors, UCLA, various job centers, shopping, etc.

    Advice for whoever’s doing the PR: don’t just advertise the transit network – tell people what destinations it can serve. With the bus network in place, there’s a whole lot more that’s reachable than just the few blocks surrounding each rail station.