Tell us where you want bike share in Los Angeles County

Metro Bike Share is expanding this year to Venice, the Port of Los Angeles and the city of Pasadena! The Metro Board approved the expansion in October and new stations are expected to debut this summer.

Now we need your input on where Metro Bike Share should expand to in the future. Metro plans to create a region-wide system totaling 4,000-plus bicycles, pending approval by the Metro Board of Directors. As part of that effort, Metro is working with cities and communities on a feasibility study on where to expand within L.A. County, with candidates including USC neighborhood, North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Huntington Park, Marina Del Rey, Culver City, East Los Angeles and other parts of the San Gabriel Valley.

Suggest a station in your neighborhood on the countywide crowdsourcing map HERE.

The map will stay open for station suggestions in perpetuity.

When thinking about station locations, please consider the following questions:

What are the space requirements for a bike share station?

The average station size is approximately the size of three parking spaces. Stations may also be placed in plazas or open areas that do not affect parking spaces.

What are the station siting criteria?

We are searching for locations on streets, sidewalks or plazas that provide:

  • Connectivity – because connections to transit hubs and key destinations create a network.
  • Space Availability – wider sidewalks and parking spaces are great locations.
  • Accessibility – stations should be visible from the street and be easy and comfortable to reach.
  • Sun – stations can run on solar power when they have plenty of access to sunlight.
  • Demand and Support – stations should be located where there is high demand.
  • Convenient & Close to Bike Lanes – stations should be close as possible to key destinations (as close as the closest car parking space) and placed along streets with bike lanes to make riding comfortable.

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5 replies

  1. Having trouble adding a station at the Grove. Getting the following error: “Please input within the boundary”

  2. -Every- LRT station, -every- Metrolink station, and -every- university and college need a bike stand.

  3. Any chance you’ll upgrade to “leave anywhere” bikes like Santa Monica has? (Any chance you’ll merge your systems since the Santa Monica bikes have the Metro logo on them already?)

    • The two systems are totally incompatible with each other. Santa Monica uses “Smart Bike” technology, where the tech is in the bike itself. Metro uses “Smart Hub” technology where the tech is in each hub. This is why the bikes in Santa Monica can be left anywhere and the ones in DTLA cannot.

      Santa Monica does it better in the end-user’s eye, 100% hands down. But it incurs higher costs with picking up / docking those stranded bikes. Looking at you, Abbot Kinney.