Final update: Blue and Expo Line service restored to 7th/Metro

UPDATE, 10:15 P.M.: As always, thank you to everyone for their patience! Repairs to the overhead wires have been made and both tracks to/from 7th/Metro Center are back in service.

Update, 5:56 p.m.: Blue Line service is now resuming to 7th Street/Metro Center with trains running every 15 minutes. Expo Line trains are only running service between Santa Monica and LATTC/Ortho Institute.

For Expo Line service at 7th Street/Metro Center or Pico Stations, customers are instructed to take a Blue Line train instead and connect with bus shuttles at Grand/LATTC Station. This shuttle will transport all Expo Line riders to LATTC/Ortho Institute Station.

Supplementary bus shuttles are still in service between 7th Street/Metro Center and LATTC/Ortho Institute Station.

The Expo Line and Blue Line are currently experiencing major delays due to damage to a train and overhead wire near 7th Street/Metro Center. Expo and Blue Line trains cannot enter or leave the station due to the damage.

Blue Line trains are currently turning back at Grand/LATTC Station. Expo Line trains are turning back at LATTC/Ortho Institute Station. Bus shuttles are available at both stations to help customers complete trips between LATTC and 7th/Metro. 

At this time, the train needs to be moved and the wires repaired, which is a lengthy process. There is currently no estimated time for normal Blue Line and Expo Line service resuming.

Red/Purple Line subway service is not impacted for those trying to reach Union Station from 7th/Metro.

At 7th/Metro, southbound bus shuttles can be boarded at 7th and Flower.

You may also consider the Silver Line instead of train service. The upcharge to transfer to the Silver Line has been waived.

For up-to-the-minute status updates, follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts.

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  1. Service is running on the Expo line but you should still advise riders to allow for extra time. I took it this morning (April 8) and left half an hour earlier than usual for work, but due to the slow speed of the train (like the night before during the power issue) and having to wait for trains on the opposite side to pass (also like the night before during the power issue) on three different occasions, I ended up getting to work an hour late since I missed my bus connection.