Metro partners with Waze for rail crossing alerts

As part of increased efforts to promote rider safety, Metro’s Transit Safety Programs (TSP) has rolled out a new all-inclusive media safety campaign that began in March  and will run through June. The campaign focuses on the Three E’s of rail safety – Education, Engineering and Enforcement — and includes partnering with Waze beginning on April 10.

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. The safety campaign will include safety alerts that appear on Waze for designated intersections along the Blue, Gold and Expo Lines. These specific intersections were identified as having the highest occurrences of traffic violations. 

TSP collaborated with Metro’s Operations and Marketing departments to produce neighborhood and community specific plans. The locations chosen were geotagged so that any time a vehicle approached a chosen train intersection they would receive a caution message.

Examples of these messages include “Watch for trains when you turn” and “Heads up watch for trains.” In addition to the Waze alerts, the media campaign will consist of advertisements in print ads, radio announcements, retail, Pandora Radio, fast food restaurants and gas stations. These alerts and advertisements are working to decrease the number of pedestrian and car related incidents.

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  1. I’ve noticed the past few times while driving next to the Gold Line on 1st street, at the Mission Road intersection that there used to be a strip of red lights that would turn on when a train was moving through the intersection that are currently not working. If these were fixed, they seem like a good idea to help make rail crossings easier to see from a distance (as well as know when a train is moving) and would love to see them introduced at more intersections where the rail line doesn’t have crossing gates. Curious as to why the lights haven’t been working for the past few weeks, though.