Presentations for Measure R oversight committee

First, a reminder: Metro is still taking applications for those who want to serve on the Measure M Taxpayer Oversight Committee. Please see this post for more info and how to apply.

Measure R — the half-cent sales tax approved by L.A. County residents in 2008 — also has an Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee, which is overseen by three retired judges. The Committee meets at least twice a year and reviews presentations and independent audits of the Measure R program to ensure that funds are spent as intended.

Above are presentations given by Metro staff at the Committee’s meeting earlier this week. I thought they provide a good overview of the projects and programs funded by Measure R. Many of these projects will also receive funding from Measure M — approved by county voters last November — in order to be accelerated and/or pay for more expensive alternatives identified during planning studies.

The Measure R committee will meet again April 26 from noon to 2 p.m. in the Board Room at Metro headquarters, adjacent to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. The committee will be holding its annual hearing on the most recent Measure R audits — which will be posted soon to the oversight committee web page. Previous audits can be viewed by clicking on the ‘audit report’ link on the right side of the page. The meeting is open to the public for anyone wishing to attend.

If anyone needs a copy of the presentations posted above and doesn’t want to sign up for Scribd, please email me as they aren’t posted yet on




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  1. I apologize. I noticed you posted instructions in the article and commenting before reading. Im interested in downloading general active transportation plan if possible. I’ll email shortly.

    Thanks guys your work is informative and much appreciated

  2. guys can you please post these documents to a site that doesn’t require a subscription or submitting personal information. or provide a free alternative. this is public information and its not right to link it to something that requires paid services. thanks

  3. I think an “Oversight Committee” without authority to act on malfeasance, etc., is no oversight committee. It was just window dressing for the Measure M forever tax vote, in my opinion. Just like the billboard statements that Measure M would speed up traffic–yes by about 9 mins. in forty years, if I correctly recall the press analysis. Is it no wonder that there are still openings for this committee? The Oversight Committee is only looking for “professionals”, not the common taxpayer, and they are to work for free whilst “oversighting” some Metro folks making six-figures–how absurd! Who thought this up Metro’s ad agency? Why not advertise in the real estate press? I imagine Metro could find some “professional” land speculators who might join-up, because they would have an “inside track”–pun intended–on Metro projects requiring more land.

    • Hey Scott–which 710 project, north or south?

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • The one examining the tunnel or mass transit up to the 134. That was listed on the Measure R project list. I thought an EIR had been done but haven’t heard anything in a while.