Metro still accepting applications for Measure M oversight committee

Metro is still accepting applications for those who would like to serve on the Measure M Taxpayer Oversight Committee. Click here for more information and the application. The agency’s intent is to have seven members on the committee representing different fields of expertise, including:

  • A retired Federal or State judge.
  • A professional from the field of municipal/public finance and/or budgeting with a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience.
  • A transit professional with a minimum of 10 years of experience in senior-level decision-making in transit operations and labor practices.
  • A professional with a minimum of 10 years of experience in management and administration of financial policies, performance measurements, and reviews.
  • A professional with demonstrated experience of 10 years or more in the management of large-scale construction projects.
  • A licensed architect or engineer with appropriate credentials in the field of transportation project design or construction and a minimum of 10 years of relevant experience.
  • A regional association of businesses representative with at least 10 years of senior-level decision-making experience in the private sector.

I think this is a good opportunity to serve Los Angeles County and help ensure that a $120-billion transit and local transportation program — the largest in the U.S. — is implemented as intended and with transparency.

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  1. Since this “so-called” Oversight Committee is only an advisory committee, in my opinion it amounts to little more than an “alternative oversight committee.”