Fiscal year 2018 budget kick-off: how to get involved

Spring is in the air, meaning we can soon all relish in the joy that is Metro’s annual budget season 🙂

The budget in the works is for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year, which begins July 1. The above podcast helps explain how you can get involved in the process — either through Metro’s Service Councils, by contacting Metro or attending a budget hearing to be held in April.

The budget is scheduled to be released in April for public comment and the Metro Board of Directors will consider the budget during its May round of meetings.

Yes, I understand that budgets are not the most fascinating documents in the world. But a budget is a basic statement of the agency’s priorities, given the budget outlines how much Metro is willing to spend on different programs.

Not only does Metro runs a vast transit network (more than 2,000 buses on 170 Bus Lines and 105 miles of rail), but the agency also builds and funds projects big and small in the 88 cities and unincorporated areas that are part of Los Angeles County. Projects cover the gamut and include transit, vanpools, Access Services and programs such as Metro’s fare subsidies for low-income and other riders.

Here is last year’s budget, which totaled $5.6 billion. This year’s will likely be more.

Here is the main budget page on And here is an online budget tool that you can use to show your priorities and how much they cost.