Another weekend taking transit to march in DTLA

These days, it seems you can’t go a week without some kind of protest march or rally. And — in my humble opinion — it’s nice to see so many people taking transit to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully assemble. See above for a few photos of folks taking Metro to the Immigrants March on Saturday.

In the aftermath of the massive turnout for the Women’s March, Metro wanted to be prepared for future events of the same vein. As a government agency we don’t take political positions, but we do want to promote mobility — and people are definitely going to ride when events are held in transit accessible locations.

The turnout for the Immigrants March wasn’t as big as anticipated, likely due to the severely crazy storm that hit Los Angeles on Friday. The rain eventually petered out Saturday morning although the sun didn’t come out to stay until mid-afternoon.

Still, there were more subway riders than on an average Saturday due to the march, and they were well-served as Metro had enhanced rail service running throughout the day, which also worked out for those who rode to the Air + Style festival in Exposition Park.

Looking ahead, we know there are other huge events in the works. Two events coming up are both scheduled for March 5 — 626 Golden Streets taking place throughout the San Gabriel Valley, and the International Women’s Day March in DTLA. If you’re going to attend, we encourage you to plan ahead — buy and load your TAP card ahead of time.

On our end, we’ll do our best to accommodate all potential riders because the bottom line is: it’s our job to get you to where you need to go as safely and timely as possible, be it work, home, football game, music festival, protest march or otherwise.