Service alert: Gold Line resuming normal service

Final Update, 2:53 p.m.: The vehicle and debris has been removed from both tracks with all train service being restored. Customers can expect residual delays through 3:45 p.m. as we work to get trains back on normal schedule.

Gold Line trains are currently running between Atlantic Station and Southwest Museum Station. Trains are also running between Highland Park and APU/Citrus College stations. The accident occurred in Highland Park, where the trains run down the middle of Marmion Way.

The accident occurred about 1 p.m. and we’re working to restore service for the busier hours later this afternoon. Please follow our main Twitter feed or service alert Twitter feed for frequent updates.

I post this photo as yet another reminder to be careful driving, walking, biking and skateboarding around railroad tracks. Thankfully there were no serious injuries.

Photo by Luis Inzunza/Metro.



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  1. That’s why you should put the gate and alarm bell on each level crossing, don’t be lazy to do that please!

    • That’s an excellent point and I didn’t realize the AP had changed that. In this case, no fault has been definitively declared, so ‘incident’ seems fair until we know for sure that it’s a “crash.”

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source