How We Roll, Feb. 15: one way to mow down traffic

Crenshaw/LAX Line update:

The tunneling machine is digging the second of the two rail tunnels on the northern section of the line.

Purple Line Extension update:

Decking began last weekend for the future Wilshire/Fairfax Station for the Purple Line Extension. More here about street closures and detours.

Art of Transit: 

Photo: AMC.

“The Walking Dead” featured a great traffic buster the other night. To instantly clear a road: all you need are two cars, about 200 feet of steel cable and a few mops.

Austin’s famed La Barbecue coming to Los Angeles (Eater LA)

The details on where and when are scarce but watch the video. If you’re a carnivore, you’ll want to know where and when. Our two cents: transit adjacent, please.

Some choice selections from their Instagram:



Quasi-related (spoiler): offering to hide an escapee from Negan doesn’t strike me as smart urban planning, King Ezekial.

Bike promoting Belgian minister gets his bike stolen (Reuters)

Some stories write themselves. This is one of them.

Things to read whilst transiting: mini-crosswords from the NYT as part of the 75th anniversary of their crossword. I finished the first one in three minutes!

Click above to visit the NYT crossword section. Yes, you can play online. No pencil required!