Tell us — again! — where you want Metro Bike Share in Venice!

Metro Bike Share is expanding to Venice, the Port of Los Angeles and the city  of Pasadena in 2017. The Metro Board approved the expansion in October and new stations are expected to debut this summer. Now we need your input on station placement in Venice!

Last month we asked the public to suggest locations in Venice for Metro Bike Share stations. We received 286 suggestions and have reviewed them based on station siting criteria (see below). Now we want your input on a smaller set of potential locations.

Feedback we’ve received so far


•286 total comments.

•78 unique participants (unique users).

•101 comments from participants who said they live and work in Venice.

•142 comments from participants who said they live in Venice (50 percent of responses).

•37 comments from participants who said they work in Venice.

•226 likes / 60 dislikes (from 15 users / 19 percent of respondents).

To provide input on this last round of maps for Venice, click here or visit

The deadline for comments is Friday, March. 3.

When thinking about station locations, please consider the following questions:

What are the space requirements for a bike share station?

The average station size is approximately the size of three parking spaces. Some stations may be smaller or larger. Stations may also be placed in plazas or open areas that do not affect parking spaces.

What are the station siting criteria?

We are searching for locations on streets, sidewalks or plazas that provide:

  • Connectivity –  connections to transit hubs and key destinations create a network.
  • Space Availability – wider sidewalks and parking spaces are great locations.
  • Accessibility – stations should be visible from the street and easy and comfortable to access.
  • Sun – sunny spots are best since stations can run on solar power.
  • Demand and Support – stations should be located where there is high demand.
  • Convenient & Close to Bike Lanes – stations should be close as possible to key destinations (as close as the closest car parking space) and placed along streets with bike lanes to make riding comfortable.

Are final stations set in stone?

No. The final station locations will be evaluated as the program moves forward. Stations may be moved in the future if there are locations that better meet community needs.

8 replies

  1. Pico/Robertson needs bikes and we need a bus to the Culver City Expo line on Robertson/Washington. There isn’t any bus that conveniently goes there, plus the parking lot shutting down soon. Connections to public transportation is terrible in the Pico corridor — especially since the BBB #5 changed its route.;

    LATTC should have bikes, it is just a bit out of the network of the dtla bikes.

  2. Here’s the issue: The key to all of this is the trains. They are the centerpiece of any transit system. If there is no bike station attached to the Expo line (Which isn’t terribly far; 2ish miles to Downtown Santa Monica Station or 17th/SMC Station from Rose and Lincoln), then visitors/Eastsiders get cut out of the equation. Either allow Santa Monica Breeze to take Venice, or allow bikes from both systems to intermingle.

    Or, realize that everyone in Venice already owns a bike.

  3. Can you check the numbers above for possible typos? It says there were _78 unique participants, but somehow 142 people live in Venice, representing 50% of responses.

  4. While Venice is a great place for Bikeshare, it really makes more sense to let the SM system take over here. Now there will be two different systems in Venice, while most everywhere has nothing. Feels more like a turf war and the fact that we have two systems that are not compatible is really going to be apparent now.

    • I agree. If we’re making the dumb mistake of having multiple bike share systems in LA, it makes the most sense to have a sensible geographic boundary between them–perhaps La Brea Ave.

    • I concur. This are is already served by Breeze Bike Share out of Santa Monica. Why would Metro spend resources here when there are so many other communities that would welcome Bike Share? El Monte, Pomona, Van Nuys, Warner Center are all areas that off the top of my head can use bike share now.