Updates thus far to the new metro.net

Thank you for your feedback on Metro.net 3.0! We appreciate everyone taking the time to provide feedback and apologize for any inconvenience. Your feedback has helped us focus quickly on the areas that matter most to you. This is an up-to-date listing of bug fixes and updates — we will continue to add to it to keep you up to date.

Thank you for your patience!

Major Bug Fixes:

Trip Planner – Major updates to functionality.

  • More accurate data points. More than 2 GB worth of addresses and data to provide more search suggestions and more accurate trips.
  • Search by cross streets is substantially better than before, and we will continue to optimize.

Find a problem? Let us know! We might not have time to respond to everyone individually but please know that any and all problems are being added to our bug list. Those with greatest importance or impact will be addressed first.

List of all Bug Fixes:

Updates 5/22/2017

Trip Planner – Major updates to functionality.
More accurate data points. More than 2 GB worth of addresses and data to provide more search suggestions and more accurate trips.

Search by cross streets is substantially better than before, and we will continue to optimize.

Added “Print itenerary” option has been added to Trip planner

Fixed – Arrivals and Alerts page – bug fixes, interface revisions to organize display of alerts in a cleaner format. Ability to return to results page.

Fixed – Board and Advisory Committee updates

Fixed – Accessibility updates for Navigation and Maps + Schedules section.

Fixed – Gallery feature in About section.

Fixed – IE11 bugs didn’t allow some pages to fully render

Updates 3/23/2017

Fixed – Related content not displaying on sidebar for main landing pages
Fixed – Hide/show dropdown menus need adjusting
Fixed – Add searchbox to Search results
Fixed – Alt tags information needs updating on main navigation (ADA)
Fixed – Add back button on Alerts & Advisories page to go back to all results
Fixed – Promo carousels on Projects pages not displaying
Fixed – Mobile site to display promos, alerts, and news
Main navigation updates
Added alt tag field for photos section to help with ADA accessibility optimization

Updates 3/3/2017

Fixed – Nextrip not diplaying all lines, other features missing. A lingering data issue was causing data outages for the revamped Nextrip. The original Nextrip is back and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Fixed – Help text and links added to Nextrip, and Maps + Timetables pages

Fixed – Search bar added in search results page

Additional ADA accessibility optimization of site

Updates 2/23/2017

Fixed – Firefox bug that prevented clearing the starting and ending fields in the Trip Planner

Fixed – Arrivals + Alerts landing page not displaying full alert

Fixed – Arrivals + Alerts showing lines that do not have any current alerts

Fixed – Main Navigation bugs

Updates 2/16/2017

Updated Arrivals + Alerts tab on homepage displays more alert details when clicked on by user.

ADA updates for screen readers

Add Metro Alerts Twitter feed to homepage

Fixed – Main navigation bug found in iOS Chrome and Safari

Fixed – Search to provide more accurate results

Fixed – West Santa Ana Projects page

Fixed – Social share bug on news releases

Updates 2/8/2017

Fixed – Pages for all Rail Map and Station locations.

Fixed – System Maps not displaying in Maps + Timetables.

Fixed – iOS browser bug causing main navigation not to display.

Fixed – Calendar bug that wasn’t allowing sections to display correctly.

Fixed – Search not displaying optimal results.

Fixed – Incorrectly linked timetables (686/687, 744, 788).

Updates 2/2/2017

Link added to Legacy Trip Planner.

Fixed – Trip Planner not accepting addresses.

Fixed – Maps & Timetables standalone page/

Fixed – Carousel not working in certain sections (Destination Discounts, About, Eat, Shop, Play).

Fixed – Links in main navigation misspelled.

Fixed – Typing in Trip Planner slow.

Fixed – Trumba calendar not allowing some sections to display.

Updates 2/1/2017

Fixed – Broken link to 744 and 604 timetable.

Fixed – Global search feature not working.

Fixed – The Collapsible (hide/show) menus are not working throughout the site.

Fixed – Carousel arrows overlapping images on mobile.

Fixed – Updated broken links on main navigation.

Fixed – Bikes section not showing up properly.

Fixed – Footer issues.

Fixed – Translation section not displaying properly.

10 replies

  1. The nextrip function for route 166, heading west, stop Nordoff/Balboa doesn’t work at all. The previous system worked just fine.

    I) It used to automatically update. Now it doesn’t.
    2) It used to show both routes on the same screen – 166 or 364, Now it doesn’t.
    3) It used to stay on the same selection if the page is refreshed. Now it doesn’t.

    Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

  2. Why try to re-create the old system when the old system was excellent. The new system is really primitive compared to the old one. The real users trying to get to work need to be spoken to on street level.
    I made the mistake of de-selecting Rail, because I thot it meant MetroLink, and now I can’t get it to give me my Red Line route. I even closed and re-opened it, and it wuldn’t. There seems to be no way to reset it and make it find my route as corrected. Making it take my starting point is very clunky, hard to make it read take my info.
    It won’t let me choose destination Pickering/Walnut and gave me wrong and misleading info.

  3. Best fix? Go back to the old system.

    I made the mistake of de-selecting Rail, because I thought it meant MetroLink, and now I can’t get it to give me my Red Line route. I even closed and re-opened it, and it wouldn’t. There seems to be no way to reset it and make it find my route as corrected. Making it take my starting point is very clunky, hard to make it read take my info.

    It gives stupid hard-to-use info. It won’t let me choose destination Pickering/Walnut and gave me wrong and misleading info. It doesn’t highlight the most important info and gives me lots of extraneous info I don’t want. Did you “borrow” the program from mapquest or google? It’s much harder to use.
    It gave me info to go to the next following stop instead of the one I wanted. It gave me all this crap about walking and not taking the bus. I clicked on the bus icon but it didn’t go anywhere else. And this site is inadequate. It doesn’t say if 1 is the highest or 5?
    Ask an intelligent user. Use marketing and feminism and put yourself in the place of the user woman and craft it from her needs, uses.

    Is rank #1 in the previous question the best or the worst?
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You need more user input on these things.

    The old system gave me 2 better routes with less walking.
    It wouldn’t let me de-select Rail.

    It won’t let me set the day, it just gives me a route for today, not next time I want to go. It won’t let me select the next later trip.

    I don’t need all those alerts for routes I’m not using. If you insist, you should put them at the bottom, below my route.

    It told me to go notth on Pickering, wrong.

    It won’t let me select 1/8 mile of walking for me.

    It’s written so weirdly that it’s hard to figure out where it’s going wrong.
    It doesn’t say which corner to wait on. It doesn’t say which direction the bus is going that I want to catch.
    The old system can make mistakes but seldom compared to this.
    What the headsign I am looking for says, is not clear.
    It gave me only one choice of routes to get there.

    No thanks to yu I figured out how to change the time and date.
    I even reopened it and changed the starting and dest. and it still wouldn’t give me my Red Line route.
    There’s an X in a circle at the end of the start point field but it doesn’t seem to do anything. There’s no Back Button. It insists on giving me the bus-only route, 2 hours longer to get there.
    I changed it to Fewest Transfers and it said No Itineraries Found. I put in the street address, and it came up in a yellow box, but it still said No Itineraries Found. I kept clicking on Get Directions and it finally gave me the Itin. with no Red Line route.

    It doesn’t say what time you arrive at the end of the first leg of your trip.
    It didn’t give me the Long Bch bus alternative.
    There seems to be no way to go back to initial search and get alternatives.

  4. Found yet another issue with the site, other than everything noted above. Absolutely will not work wit Firefox, I’m forced to use Micro$oft$ browser. So, not only have they made it harder for anyone to use and get simple updates, I’m now forced to use only one browser to see the site at all.

    If you want to see an easy to use site for the commuter, go check out http://www.metrolinktrains.com their site is actually useful AND easy to navigate……

  5. Regarding the “Next Trip” link…You can no longer determine which Southbound Silver Line (950) travels past the Harbor Gateway stop. The old link gave you the option of choosing your stop. For the 910/950 this determines which bus you should hop on when traveling past the Harbor Gateway stop. Also, if you chose the 950 and your destination stop, it used to show other buses that served the same stop. For example, if you chose the 950 and your trip ended at the Harbor Green Line stop, it used to give you times for the 910 bus as well. (as an alternative)

    Overall, the new site is extremely inferior to the old metro.net site. It is very clunky and you have to click way too many times to locate whatever information you are looking for.

  6. The Alerts and Advisories page is constantly down. When I checked for Alerts yesterday about problems with the red line i wasn’t aware of any problems until i arrived at the 7th street metro yesterday. Had that page Alerts and Advisories been working i would have been aware of that fact and not waiting for the red line or purple line and missing my metrolink.

  7. I learned long ago that it can be very dangerous to take any trip on MetroRail, especially involving a return rail trip home after evening peak hours (4 – 7 p.m.) without FIRST finding out if Metro has planned a major service or schedule change/delay/cancellation for any MetroRail Line one might want to use.
    Metro’s latest disastrous revision of its website has made this type of absolutely necessary consulting of “Planned Service Advisories” MUCH MORE DIFFICULT AND TIME-CONSUMING–requiring three or four times as many mouseclicks and changes of screens


    On the old, reasonably adequate Metro.com, I could simply click ONCE on “Planned Advisories” to pull up a SCROLL-ABLE listing of all MetroRail lines with advisories for that evening, followed, on the very same SCROLL-ABLE webpage with advisories for the rest of that week. Thus, for example, I formerly could decide whether to go see a particular movie at a particular movie theater tonight, or perhaps wait a day or so to avoid the inconvenience of a planned service change because of maintenance on one or more of the MetroRail Lines I would have to use.
    Now, on the “new” vastly inferior Metro.net, I have to click several more times than formerly just to check the plans for more than one rail line at a time.
    Similarly, the list of Metro bus lines with planned advisories was presented on ONE conveniently SCROLL-ABLE listing on the old Metro.net. In contrast, the “new” vastly inferior Metro.net website requires several times as many clicks to check EVEN A SINGLE bus line, not to mention checking planned advisories for more than one bus line for a single outing.

    Metro Management seems to have forgotten, or never learned, several important facts about the various types of Metro passengers.

    For example:
    1. Not all of us use MetroRail and/or buses for the exclusive purpose of commuting (Monday – Friday) to daily jobs at a single site starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon (again, M – F). Some of us work different schedules–even going into the evening and/or on weekends/holidays.
    2. Some of also TRY to use MetroRail and/or buses to go to entertainment/educational/religious venues (movies, concerts, lectures, religious services, classes, etc.) and social gatherings. Often, Metro trips to these non-work-related purposes require us to make our return trips (say, to our homes to sleep) later in the evening–even AFTER peak travel periods (say, after 7:00 p.m.–OR LATER).
    3. In the past year, Metro has SLASHED its former levels of evening/night-time service on almost all MetroRail lines. Now, most METRORAIL SERVICE HAS BEEN REDUCED TO FREQUENCIES (HEADWAYS) OF 20 MINUTES!
    4. Consequently, it now is even more important than before to check the planned service advisories for every MetroRail line that one might consider using to return home in the evening from any of these non-work venues–ESPECIALLY AFTER 9:00 P.M. But Metro.net has now made that absolutely vital process several times as difficult as it was before.
    5. The more MetroRail lines one may need to use after 9:00 p.m., the more difficult the new website has made the process of checking for planned service advisories.
    6. In addition, many of us have to use buses to complete such a return trip home later at night–which also increase their own headways (reduce their frequencies of operation) later at night.


    Why does Metro force its long-suffering passengers to do the work of debugging Metro’s new website????????