Meatless Mondays with Metro: Ramen Hood

Take a little more transit and eat a little less meat — two things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint. In this installment of Meatless Mondays with Metro, we head out for some noodles — which also happens to be a food traditionally eaten during the Chinese New Year celebrations taking place right now. Noodles symbolize the wish for longevity, and while most ramen isn’t made to be as long as “long life noodles,” it’s the thought that counts, right?

For 100 percent vegan ramen, try Ramen Hood. Most of the popular ramen places in Los Angeles tout tonkotsu broth — or broth made of stewed pork bone — and while they might offer soy-or-miso-based broths as an alternative, those alternatives are generally far inferior. Ramen Hood doesn’t have this problem because their signature ramen broth is vegan and fabulous.

The ramen comes topped with king oyster mushroom chunks that are grilled? Roasted? Fried? I’m not too sure, but they add just the right amount of savory chewiness. And if you want something other than noodles, Ramen Hood also offers a crazy good bahn mi poutine.

Ramen Hood is located inside Grand Central Market in DTLA. Counter space may be hard to come by during lunch and dinner, but they also take orders to go. To get to Ramen Hood, take the Red or Purple Line to Pershing Square Station and exit toward 4th Street. You can also take Metro Rapid 745 to Broadway/3rd or Metro Bus 2/302 or Bus 4 to Hill/4th.

Got other recommendations for vegan/veggie restaurants? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Berlin Currywurst in the DTLA Central Market has a vegan sausage, which is delicious. I like their side dishes too.
    I like Bulan Thai Vegetarian in Silver Lake and on Melrose Ave – always tasty, fresh, and sized just right, plus good service and atmosphere. And the oldtime Orean’s The Health Express, 817 N Lake Avenue Pasadena, for vegan fast food that is magically delicious and well worth the walk from the Gold Line.

    • Hi Linnea,

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely go check them out.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source