Measure M Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee now taking applications

Metro is beginning to accept applications for those who would like to serve on the Measure M Taxpayer Oversight Committee. Much more information is here, as well as the online application. The deadline has been extended to April 18.

6 replies

  1. At least provide a channel with which younger, transit embracing, Angelenos can contribute to the planning of OUR system. These older committee members have no stake in the repercussions of their actions. I ride Metro everyday because I believe in a city that’s less car dependent. Let those who care, understand and utilize the system aid in its direction.

  2. The qualifications should include “at least 5 years experience using public transportation on a regular basis”.

    • I would be happy if they had 5 hours of experience using public transportation at all.

  3. Stunned to see that the required qualifications (10 years of senior level experience, or retired Judge) leave this really only open to Boomers and some Gen X’ers, which means the overwhelming majority will be White Male Land & Car-owners! Bravo Metro!!