Two years of Business Solution Center support on the Crenshaw/LAX Corridor

Established by Metro in late 2014, the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project Pilot Business Solution Center (BSC) provides hands-on assistance to small businesses along the Crenshaw corridor during construction. The BSC has helped more than 300 businesses since its opening.

A new rail line usually means growth opportunities for small businesses located alongside it, but staying open until the line is in operation can sometimes be a challenge. There’s no way around it: construction impacts the businesses around the future Crenshaw/LAX Line. To minimize those impacts and to help businesses plan for the future, the BSC offers forward thinking business practices and access to a range of services and business experts. Here are some examples:

•Olivia Ridgeway, the owner of Compro Tax, was connected to the BSC for support upon acquiring the business. With help from the BSC, Olivia gained access to financial capital to purchase new equipment for her business. She is now a regular attendee at BSC workshops and classes.

•Cary Jordan, the owner of Jordans Hot Dogs, became engaged with the BSC after relocating his business from Watts to the Crenshaw Corridor. The BSC helped build and launch his free business website and gain access to free WiFi services while also connecting him to restaurant counselors and branding experts.

•The BSC has also offered access to experts for Crenshaw Corridor businesses owners who want to better develop their brands. They also provide focused industry-specific educational and informational resources to businesses along the Corridor, including workshops on salon management and best practices for restaurant owners .

To learn more about Metro’s Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project Pilot Business Solution Center, visit

Crenshaw corridor business owners Virgie Huddleston and Taylor Mayfield with Metro representative Jessica Spearman at a recent workshop.

Crenshaw Corridor business owners Virgie Huddleston, Olivia Ridgeway and Taylor Mayfield with Metro representative Jessica Spearman at a recent workshop.

Adam Dominguez and Ken Hitts of Metro’s BSC with Crystal Mitchell of Mitchell Business Solutions at a recent workshop.

Ken Hitts of Metro’s BSC addressing Crenshaw corridor business owners at a recent workshop.

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  1. They actually have a grand opening Thursday, January 19, 2017 at their new location 3864 crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles

  2. When, if ever, will Earlez Grille be making a come-back? [They used to be located at 3630 Crenshaw Blvd..]

    Anybody know?