Blue Line repairs completed, trains resuming normal service

Update, 7:15 a.m.: Repairs to the Metro Blue Line’s overhead wire system have been completed. Trains are resuming normal service with residual delays through morning rush hour. While we work to restore service, some trains will continue to run with two cars. Please board at the front or center of platform to avoid crowding.


Update, 5:38 a.m.: While emergency repairs continue, here is the service plan for Wednesday morning service on the Metro Blue Line: Trains will continue to share the Los Angeles-bound track between Willow and Artesia and arrive approximately every 20 minutes. Some trains will operate with two cars, so please remember to use the entire platform to reduce crowding and boarding time.

Customers looking to avoid delays should consider using the Metro Silver Line and Green Line if traveling between downtown and south Los Angeles, or consider the alternate routes here. As we already mentioned, thank you to everyone who’s been inconvenienced. We appreciate your patience as we work to restore regular service as soon as possible.

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Update, 3:17 p.m.: The Blue Line and Expo Line will run with some two-car trains during the evening rush hour. Both lines are expected to be back to normal three-car train service tomorrow morning, Jan. 4.


Update, 11:28 a.m.: Blue Line trains are expected to run every 20 minutes, with trains sharing the Downtown Los Angeles-bound track between Artesia and Willow stations during midday hours.


The Blue Line and Expo Line are expected to run with some two-car trains during peak commuting hours on Tuesday, Jan. 3, while crews conduct emergency power system repairs. The repairs are related to overhead wire damage caused by a train that derailed in the Blue Line rail yard in Long Beach on Monday. There were no passengers on the train when the incident occurred as the train had not yet gone into service.

Trains on both the Blue Line and Expo Line are slated to run every six minutes during rush hour and every 12 minutes during midday hours, however, there may be crowded conditions due to railcar availability.

If you’re riding either line, please be sure to board at the front or center of the platform and to allow extra travel time. Some Blue Line riders may want to consider an alternative to avoid potential delays and overcrowding by taking the Green Line and Silver Line. Note: Silver Line fare is $2.50 per ride and requires a TAP card. More alternate routes can be found here.

To those who may be impacted by these service changes: thank you for your patience and understanding! Please continue to follow us here at the Source and on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts for the latest updates.

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  1. Why has there been no mention of the current blue line delays? No train service between Anaheim and 5th st and still single tracking in some areas. Communication is terrible.

  2. Monday, going into LA, around 10 AM, the Blue Line was not only single-tracking from Willow to Artesia, but also under a rather extreme slow-order from Wardlow to at least Del Amo. Coming home that afternoon, though, both tracks were in use. The derailed train on the yard lead, though, was still there.

    As to Expo Line cars in the Long Beach yard, remember: there are still plenty of P865s and P2000s running on Expo, and I still regularly see a train rolling into 7th/Metro from Long Beach, and rolling out bound for Santa Monica, or vice versa.

  3. Uhh, What are Expo Line cars still doing at the Blue Line yard?? Have all new cars still not been delivered and/or ready for service?? I feel like there’s something I’m missing here.

    Again, this is why I’m hoping that there will be short line trains on the current Gold Line section after the regional connector is finished. All these recurring circumstances on the Blue Line will definitely have some sort of effect on the current Gold Line section once this is finished.

  4. Would that be the enormous mess I saw on the yard lead yesterday, riding the Blue Line into LA for a day at the Natural History Museum and the California Science Center?

  5. No, I don’t have any “patience and understanding”. I can understand that the mechanical problem might have happened, but I can’t understand why you didn’t roll back the fare for your alternative route (the Silver and Green lines) to match the Blue Line, or why you didn’t offer free transfers between the two lines.

    • I would have “patience and understanding” if there were audible/visual announcements while waiting at the station. There were none at the Willowbrook Station while we waited for the train (8 to 10 minutes). Everyone does not have a smart phone (to get updates), or the ability to pay the extra costs.