We want your input on where to put Metro Bike stations in Venice and Pasadena

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Metro Bike Share is expanding to Venice, the Port of Los Angeles and the city  of Pasadena in 2017. The Metro Board approved the expansion in October and new stations are expected to debut next summer. Now we need your input on station placement in Venice and Pasadena!

For Pasadena: a list of potential station sites was developed after an initial survey. Now we need your help to finalize these station site locations for up to 34 stations. To provide input on Pasadena, click here or visit bikeshare.metro.net/pasadena

For Venice: we are starting with a blank slate and need your input on where there is potential need for bike share. To provide input for Venice, click here or visit bikeshare.metro.net/venice

The deadline for comments on both maps is Friday, Jan. 6, 2017.

When thinking about where you would like stations to be located, please consider the following questions:

What are the space requirements for a bike share station?

The average station size is approximately the size of three parking spaces. Some stations may be smaller or larger.  Stations may also be placed in plazas or open areas that do not affect parking spaces.

What are the station siting criteria?

We are searching for locations on streets, sidewalks or plazas that provide:

  • Connectivity –  connections to transit hubs and key destinations create a network.
  • Space Availability – wider sidewalks and parking spaces are great locations.
  • Accessibility – stations should be visible from the street and easy and comfortable to get to.
  • Sun – sunny spots are best since stations can run on solar power.
  • Demand and Support – Stations should be located where there is high demand.
  • Convenient & Close to Bike Lanes – stations should be close as possible to key destinations (as close as the closest car parking space) and placed along streets with bike lanes to make riding comfortable.

Are final stations set in stone?

No. The final station locations will be evaluated as the program moves forward. Stations may be moved in the future if there are locations that better meet community needs.

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  1. Like others who have commented here & as one who lives on the westside and who regularly uses the SM Breeze Bikeshare system, it would be a natural fit to extend the Sobi (SM, WeHo, LB, BH) operator into Venice, MDR & Culver City effectively linking the westside in one inter-operable system. It’s a natural fit & (IMHO) a system which works very well on the Westside now. I’ve used both systems and also agree it would a better use of resources to expand Metro to other parts of “LA” and keep the westside with the existing operator.

  2. I would love for the Venice and Santa Monica systems to work together. There is so much traffic on Lincoln. This would really help to reduce that if more people could bike a meaningful distance. How nice would it be to take the expo and get all the way to Venice without a car. Sounds good to me. I wish Marina Del Rey and Culver City could join on. It would be what we really need here in the traffic contested area. Separate systems would be a terrible waste of resources. There is no good reason to get a bike to ride a few blocks in your own neighborhood. It’s the 5 mile distance from one neighboring area to the next that currently takes 30 minutes to drive in traffic that we could improve with an integrated system.

  3. I notice a location inside the Rose Bowl, not so practical. I marked a dislike for that and added one out front. Inside of PCC, on the other hand makes sense. Also, the Huntington Library, etc. is effectively Pasadena and should have a station in the parking lot.

    I noticed that there was no check box for “I’d use this location to: Visit museum/other”; close to transit, work, shopping/dining, should not be the only reasons.

  4. Added 2 marks, and a comment regarding why on earth Rosemead Blvd Between the 210 and Del Mar is excluded when the last time I checked this was also Pasadena as well.

  5. Great news. What do we do about the fact that WeHo and Santa Monica have separate bike systems? Our county needs one integrated metro bike system!

    • Why not take advantage of the fact that Santa Monica already has a system in place, part of it in Venice, and just expand it?

      No, this is Los Angeles County and therefore the territorial matches must begin. So there will be two incompatible systems in Venice and, for example, no system in Northridge. Yay!

    • ^its not like people in santa monica or weho is going to bike all the way to the other city..

      • Uhh, I wouldn’t include everyone with that statement. I’ve seen my share of people biking from WeHo to Santa Monica.

    • Hi Scott,

      Metro is working with the cities of Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Long Beach, who have implemented their own bike share programs, to create an interoperable system through the co-location of stations/docks and system integrations through web/mobile applications, the TAP system and membership reciprocity. Stay tuned!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

    • I think the county is big enough to support multiple systems. To the point below its not that no one is going to bike from Santa Monica to downtown, but the overlap between that population, and the bike share population is pretty slim. However, each of the systems should fairly contained, so it really makes no sense to deploy in Venice. Instead partner with Santa Monica on expanding into Venice, and deploy in Pasadena, and concentrate on filling the gap in between downtown and Pasadena.