Service Advisory: Expo Line midday maintenance work CANCELLED

Update, Wed, Dec 7 6 a.m.: Track grinding work has been cancelled for the remainder of the week. Expo Line will run normal service.

Update, 8 a.m.: Expo Line midday maintenance work has been cancelled Monday through Friday, Dec 5-7. Maintenance work for Thursday and Friday has not been determined. Please check back soon for updates.


Heads up, Expo Line riders! From Monday, Dec 5 through Friday, Dec. 9, the Expo Line will be running approximately every 15 minutes between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m due to track grinding work. A special rail grinder train will be used to slowly shave and restore the rail profile and remove irregularities to extend its life and to improve the ride of trains. While work is being conducted, trains will share one track at Westwood/Rancho Park Station.

Additionally, service will be operating with 2-car trains, which means you’ll need to board towards the front and/or middle of the platform. Approximate departure times are available here. Once complete, the work should result in a smoother ride for customers and quieter operations for Expo Line neighbors.

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  1. I think the issue is more quieter ride over smoother ride since the grinding is taking place near Westwood/Rancho Park where the volume on the station announcer is barely audible.

    • I wonder what other special accommodations the Westwood/Ranch Park is going to get in the future
      that the others don’t 😉

      • All residences within earshot of a station –or who live track adjacent– deserve the same accommodations no matter which line it is (or will be). Metro doesn’t own the neighborhoods any more than the neighborhoods own Metro (actually, it’s a public agency using tax-payer’s money, so yes the neighborhoods do own Metro). Everyone is deserving and entitled to peacefully co-exist with trains and buses. If you’re feeling slighted and it’s apparent that Metro isn’t complying to standards set forth in Metro Design Criteria or the EIR for a particular project, speak up. Be loud, be clear, do you best to be polite and have them conform to the standards which Metro said they would adhere. More lines are coming, perhaps to your neighborhood. Welcome them but know your rights.

  2. Running 15mins should run with 3 cars train like b4. It means to passengers that Metro is cutting services during the midday. Also when I ride the expo line, I saw more than 20 rail cars sitting at the yard during rush hour, why didn’t you put them in service and run with 3cars, it doesn’t make sense to me!!

  3. Why on earth run 2-car trains?? Why can’t 3-car trains be operated during these times??

    Either way, *phew* I’m glad my days of commuting to the Westside are over.

  4. Why two-car trains? You have plenty of vehicles to run 3-car trains every 15 minutes. Using two-car trains means that you’ll be cutting midday service by 60 percent, so there will be a lot of packed trains. If you use 3-car trains you’d still be cutting service by 40 percent, but that would provide enough service to be moderately comfortable.

  5. Thank you Metro. Speaking as one of the neighbors that has to experience the inordinate level of wheel squeal daily for the past seven months, the relief can’t come soon enough.

    • Well, I’ve learned a valuable lesson when it comes to Metro Service advisories and that’s never to thank Metro in advance for work they’ve been promising to do for six months —even when they say they’re just about to do it.

  6. Are you kidding? Less than one year of service and the tracks need grinding already. Perhaps the MTA is not the agency that is operating rail in Los Angeles. Besides constant maintenance issues the MTA takes forever to build rail lines. The two great systems we had previously would have never been built if they had been planned a built at the same pace the MTA utilizes.

    • I think they weren’t able to finish the grinding before Expo Phase II went into service