Final Update: Expo and Blue Line resuming normal service

Final Update, 2:07 p.m.: All train service is being restored. Customers can expect residual delays through 2:45 p.m. as we work to get trains back on normal schedule.

The Metro Expo and Blue Lines are currently running with 15 min delays due to a train-auto incident at the intersection of Flower and 18th Streets. Blue Line trains are currently sharing Downtown Los Angeles-bound track between Pico and Grand/LATTC Stations. Expo Line trains share the same track between Pico and 23rd Street Stations.

To avoid delays, customers are encouraged to use alternate routes. For up-to-the-minute status updates, follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metroLAalerts.

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  1. This is getting utterly ridiculous! The sheer amount of accidents that have occurred and are continuing to mount is not normal for a relatively new urban rail system by any means. How many accidents have occurred on just this stretch of the line? I think the blue line itself has over 1000 accidents on record and it seems that the expo line is starting to rack up more and more all the time. It seems like at least every month now this is happening on some part of the light rail system if not more! When will metro learn… All of the above comments are only going to become more common from general population of LA until there is a serious restructuring of our system by the people who run it! This minimalist approach to infrastructure simply is not sustainable anymore.

  2. Complete grade separation! Or don’t build at all… This will only occur more as traffic and the number of trains increase in the future.

    • Truly. Not building grade-separated in Los Angeles is the height of penny-wise, pound foolish policy. One can’t help but wonder how much annual expense is devoted to maintenance, insurance and (potential) hospital visits for Metro personnel and/or riders that could have been better spent elsewhere.

  3. I agree. Would also help if trains had better right of way. As it is, you expect to be stuck on a train between stops in that area, constantly.

  4. This is (one of the reasons) why we really need full signal preemption with crossing gates on expo (and blue).