New Metrolink x Lyft promotion means more access to regional commuter rail


Metrolink has launched a joint promotion with Lyft to provide greater transit access to and from downtown Los Angeles. Metrolink passholders will receive up to $50 in Lyft ride credit for rides to and from Los Angeles Union Station, where you can connect with multiple bus and rail lines. Lyft users will also receive an email — some of you may have already gotten one — for two free round-trip tickets on Metrolink. All of this should make it easier to leave your car at home and give other transportation options a try.

As part of the promotion, Lyft and Metrolink are also holding a Work Week Commute Challenge. To participate, you’ll need to register online, take Metrolink to work for a week and then share your experience on social media. Up to ten participants will selected to receive a free Metrolink 7-Day Pass and a Lyft credit valued at $100.

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5 replies

  1. Man. I can’t wait for those metrolink tickets. I’ve always wanted to use the service and this will definitely be a great promotion for me to test it out in liu of driving to the OC!

  2. This might be a stupid question with a stupid answer, but why doesn’t Metro field an app-enabled ride hailing service? I suppose there’d be stiff competition but there’s a lot to be gained by the synergies with the existing network, particularly transfers to trains…

    • Hey Jamie —

      Not a stupid question at all! The agency has been talking to ride hailing services and working with them. There was one promotion with Uber on the weekend of the Expo opening. The trick of it is getting a deal that is good for consumers and the taxpayers that support Metro. Stay tuned!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • Hi Jamie,

      It’s not a stupid question! As an agency, however, we’re not set up for running an enterprise like Lyft or Uber, who depend on drivers already having their own vehicles. Plus, as we’re taxpayer funded, there are rules and regulations we must abide by that Lyft and Uber don’t. As of now, it’s not a feasible prospect for Metro.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source