Bike share expansion to Pasadena, Port of L.A. and Venice approved by Metro Board

Under the contract approved by the Metro Board on Thursday, bike share would arrive in Pasadena, the Port of Los Angeles and Venice next summer. Final station locations will be announced at a later date.

From the staff report (click here to print or download), here’s an update on use of Metro Bike Share in DTLA:

In the first quarter, the program surpassed 50,000 total rides and 2,000 annual flex or monthly pass-holders. As another measure of performance, we also track number of rides per bike per day. The system goal is to reach two rides per bike per day by the 12 month mark of operations. We are at one ride per bike per day and showing steady growth in this metric. The Metro Bike Share program continues to work towards increasing program awareness, growing ridership and increasing pass sales.

If you’re interested in taking a bike for a spin in DTLA, click here to learn more about the location of bike share station locations and pricing.

From Twitter:

My three cents: more east-west bike lanes across the entire city for those of us living south of the 210 please 🙂

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  1. […] Los otros cuatro Concejos de Servicio escucharán un reporte sobre el Programa de Bicicletas Compartidas de Metro. Como reportamos la semana pasada, en el primer trimestre de servicio en el centro de L.A. las operaciones de este programa sobrepasaron los 50,000 trayectos y se vendieron 2,000 pases anuales o mensuales. Adicionalmente, en su reunión de octubre, la Junta de Metro aprobó un contrato para iniciar un programa similar en Pasadena, el Puerto de Los Ángeles y Venice para el próximo verano. Más información aquí. […]

  2. I love metro bikes and use them daily downtown but why are they going to Venice?? It seems like it will just confuse riders who are used to the SM breeze bikes, and even if it doesn’t why not prioritize expanding the system from DTLA outward???

    Very confused.

  3. Why not allow the cities like West Hollywood fund and run Bike Share programs instead of taking dollars from public transit? In addition, these unsafe bike lanes separating bike riders from vehicle traffic with a three inch white line are nothing but a joke giving those with little or no sense the false sense of safety. In Honolulu on King St. I have observed Bike Lanes created that provide the proper safety for riders by separating the bike lane from the vehicle traffic lanes with parked vehicles yet not loosing any traffic lanes in the process.

    • Mr. Dunn,
      I think that you have not been following the story of the rise of bikes in So Cal closely.
      1. Any city can pay for an implement their own bike share, with no need to involve Metro.
      2. The Governor signed a law that requires all drivers to leave at least 3 -feet- between themselves and bikes.
      3. Cities in the area have been adopting the parking lanes moved out to protect bikers. Not all cities will do it immediately. But if you have driven around much you will see those popping up.

      On a separate item, the Port of LA should reimburse Metro for any bike share that gets installed.