This Weekend: Bus shuttles replace Green Line between Crenshaw and El Segundo due to upgrade work

Green Line Crenshaw-El Segundo Turnback

There will be no train service to three Metro Green Line stations — Hawthorne/Lennox, Aviation/LAX and Mariposa — starting this Friday evening through close of service on Sunday in order for crews to complete final signal system upgrades. This will be the last segment of signal upgrades before tie-in work continues on the future Crenshaw/LAX Line.

While this weekend’s work is in effect, bus shuttles will replace trains between Crenshaw and El Segundo. This means all westbound trains stop at Crenshaw and turn back towards Norwalk. Metro shuttles will be available at Crenshaw for continued westbound service. Trains from Redondo Beach will stop at El Segundo. From there, customers may board shuttles for continued eastbound service.

Green Line trains are slated to arrive every 15 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes at night throughout the weekend. Bus shuttles will match Green Line service levels as best as possible. However, customers should note that trains will not follow the regular posted timetables.

On Friday, Oct. 14 after 9 p.m., the last complete eastbound trips depart Redondo Beach at approximately: 7:21 p.m., 7:40, 8, 8:20 and 8:40. The last complete westbound trips depart Norwalk at approximately: 7:03 p.m., 7:18, 7:38, 7:58 and 8:18. All times are subject to work related delays.

Finally, thank you to our customers for their patience and understanding as we get this weekend’s work done. The signal upgrades will allow for better train movement and ultimately result in a safer and more reliable Green Line for years to come.

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