Public hearing on Oct. 19 to continue TAP only boarding on Silver Line

The pilot program for all-door boarding on the Silver Line began in late June in order to speed up the popular bus line by reducing the time it takes to get riders on board.

As part of the pilot, Metro is holding a public hearing on Oct. 19 so that the agency can continue to use TAP only boarding (which by law is considered a fare change) beyond six months. Please see the info above.

The pilot also requires that all riders have a validated TAP card while riding the Silver Line. Metro has provided the ability to load cash on TAP cards at the farebox, and has begun installing TAP vending machines (TVMs) where possible, at Silver Line stations.

6 replies

  1. You must install the tap vending machines on ALL metro Silver Line stop, not just were possible. I hate that you don’t have them on any stop near me.

  2. How can Metro operate 2 bus lines (910 and 950) that do not accept U.S. Currency, and more to the point, Metro Tokens (which are, after all these years, still valid for payment of fare)?

    TAP only on bus lines that do not have TVMs at all stations is a “Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time” situation.

  3. I think Silver line’s All Door Boarding should be permanent, then I do not need to worry about droping the additional charge into the farebox as an EZ Pass Holder. All I need to do is loading Store Value additonal to my EZ Pass which has no zone and tapping on Mobile Validator.

  4. In 2013 or 14, SF MUNI RY started all-door boarding; after about 6 months, it issued a report saying it was a success, without any significant increase in fare evasion. However, from what I saw on various routes, only about 50% (or less) of rear-door boarders tapped their ‘CLIPPER’ cards (similar to LA Metro’s TAP card).