How We Roll, Oct. 12: Bring on the Cubs!

Reminder: Telephone Town Hall on Measure M tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. More info here.

Sportsy things: The Dodgers (jinx!) would play the Cubs at Dodger Stadium next Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday for the privilege of advancing to November. Yep, lots of Dodger Stadium Express service from Union Station and Harbor Gateway for all three games (double jinx!). The bus is free to those with a game ticket. Stop the Cubs for their own good! Getting to the World Series would ruin them forever!

Art of Transit: 


Editorial: L.A.’s quest to cut fossil fuels (NYT)

“Los Angeles has suffered the worst ozone pollution of any American city for three years running,” begins this editorial that goes on to praise the L.A. City Council’s approval recently of a resolution to get 100 percent of the city’s energy from renewable sources. Minor detail: the resolution is basically wishful thinking and the city still must come up with a viable plan how to do that.

Still, the important part here: when it comes to things involving urban planning, the editorial notes that it’s a lot easier for cities to move forward on these things than Congress, which has trouble accomplishing many things these days.

Podcast: Damientalks the Regional Connector with Metro’s community and construction relations team (Streetsblog LA)

A good update on the project that will tie together the Blue, Expo and Gold Lines via a 1.9-mile rail tunnel under DTLA. There is a “ceremonial” event later this month to name and lower the tunnel boring machine for the project into the ground.

Once complete, Metro will operate one rail line between Azusa and Long Beach and another between Santa Monica and East L.A. The lines will share five stations in DTLA (Pico, 7th/Metro, 2nd/Hope, 2nd/Broadway and 1st/Central), making light rail trips to and through DTLA a lot faster by greatly reducing the need to transfer and making any necessary transfers a lot quicker.

Metro’s bike share program is coming to Pasadena (SGV Tribune) 

The plan involves 400 or more bikes at 34 stations — locations still be to finalized — by next summer. The Metro Board is scheduled this month to consider a contract to expand bike share.

As Streetsblog LA recently reported, Pasadena is also planning a two-way protected bike way on Union Station for 1.5 miles between Arroyo Parkway (in Old Pasadena) and Hill Street. On the Hill Street side, that’s about a quarter-mile away from Pasadena City College. There are bike lanes on Cordova Street that PCCers can use to pedal to the shops and restaurants on Lake Street. Those bike lanes need to be extended to the Gold Line’s Del Mar Station, IMO.

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  1. RE: Bike share in Pasadena. Do you mean “on Union Street” vs. “on Union Station”? Alison Krauss may object to the latter.

  2. Steve: Is it your intention to jinx the Dodgers from advancing in the playoffs?

    • I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the year 1966 and lived there in the entirety of the 1970s and was a huge baseball fan. Otherwise, I decline comment.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Steve, on the Regional Connector will both lines share the same track for the shared stations or will there be a separate tracks? Obviously there have been congestion issues with those lines using the same set of tracks elsewhere in downtown.