Metro Bike X Warpaint: Who needs a tour bus? #BikeInstead!

Everyone’s over the rainbow for Metro Bike Share, even rising music star and L.A. local Theresa Wayman of Warpaint. On a hometown stop on her band’s current world tour, Theresa joined Metro for a Metro Bike ride down Grand Avenue in DTLA. We were especially lucky to find one of two “unicorn” rainbow Metro Bikes for her to ride. Once we hit the street, we cruised past cultural landmarks like MOCA, Disney Hall, The Broad, the Music Center and Grand Park before parking at the Los Angeles Cathedral.

To try Metro Bike Share yourself go HERE for more information or visit the 61 stations in DTLA.

Watch Theresa roll in the exclusive new Metro Bike X Warpaint video, featuring “New Song” from Warpaint’s new album Heads Up. Plus, read below to hear more about what Theresa, an LA native and bike rider, envisions when she thinks about the future of transportation. (As someone who spends an awful lot of time on the road, she’s given it a lot of thought!)

Also, you can see Warpaint at the Fonda Theater this Thursday, Oct. 13. Take Metro Rail to the show via the Red Line Hollywood/Vine Station.

Interview with Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman

Q: What’s your favorite place to bike in LA? Or What is your favorite place to bike, walk or roll?

A: I like biking along the L.A. river over by Atwater. It’s nice and peaceful over there. I also like biking in Chinatown and downtown on Santa Fe and in that general area.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go in DTLA?

A: I love being at my rehearsal space which looks out over the L.A. “river.” I love how big and abandoned it is. We also have a view of the sunset and the city skyline. It’s pretty amazing and a very satisfying thing to look at.

Q: Do you think more people will bike to work, school or play in the future?

A: Yes I think so, once L.A. makes it more of a priority to make it comfortable to be on a bike. I’m always a little concerned that drivers aren’t looking out for bikers because it’s not the norm. 

Q: What do you think it will it take for LA to be a bike-friendly town? Will bike share help to get us there? 

A: Yeah, I think so! it already makes me want to bike more! the more ubiquitous bikes are the more people will start to see it as an option. The Metro bike sets that example and shows that it’s important enough to make happen.

Q:  What do you think the future of transportation in LA will look like? 

A: I’m hoping we’ll have self-driving cars and fast and safe trains for short and long distance travel. I love cities like Amsterdam where biking is commonplace and people are healthier and the environment is healthier for it.

Q: As an artist yourself, living in DTLA, do you feel the experience of biking/walking through the city inspires you more creatively?

A: Yeah for sure! It gets the blood moving. The wind is blowing in your hair and you’re out seeing the sights and the people and it’s all very inspiring. It reminds me of a Sesame Street song about identifying the people in your neighborhood; who they are and what they do… life and the joy of life was simplified to just saying ‘hi’ to all the people around that make up the community. Pretty sweet.

And here’s “New Song” in its entirety:

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