How We Roll, Oct. 10: Okay, the Bills are better than their coach

Reminder: Metro is holding a Telephone Town Hall this Wednesday evening to help participants learn more about Measure M, the agency’s sales tax ballot measure on the Nov. 8 ballot. More here about how to participate. There will be a second Telephone Town Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 19, if you can’t listen to this one.

Things to listen to whilst transiting: the third episode of Off Peak looks at the history of all-night bus service in the L.A. area.

Reminder 2: Patsouras Plaza is back open for buses and shuttles. The dropoff area has changed, however. More here.

Well the Rams are still 3-2!: I’m no Rex Ryan fan but I do admire a team that runs first and passes second. Bills are tough, the Rams shouldn’t fret too much over that one. Some pics of fans headed to the game Sunday:

From Dept. of Robots: The Metro Code of Conduct is currently silent on the issue of robots, so I’m guessing they fall under the category of audio devices. If commuting with your robot, headphones please so the rest of us don’t have to listen their world takeover plans.

From the Dept. of BTW: the subjects of energy and climate change have received a little more than a combined five minutes of air time in the the two presidential debates thus far, reports Grist.

And some other recent tweets on the subject of getting from A-to-B….

There’s a movie coming out about operating a bus:

You’ll have to pay to park at Griffith Observatory now (Curbed LA)

It will be $4 to park in the main lot and immediately nearby but DASH service will also get a boost. The hope is that a parking fee will encourage some folks not to drive there and to reduce the number of people driving in the park.

Jenga-like tower to soar above Pershing Square (Urbanize LA)

Poland unveils glow-in-the-dark bike lane (boredpanda)

I think this is a cool idea — or am I missing something?

Developer planning Pershing Square condo tower with lap pools (LAT)

It’s for a different lot — not the big surface parking lot on the north side of the park, which really needs to be developed into something.

I’d add a few more items, but time to board a geographically-challenged flight from Cincy to LAX via Atlanta. More Tuesday. Follow me on Twitter if you like. Every time I tweet, I lose three followers! 



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  1. The Curbed article doesn’t mention it, but the DASH line that serves the Griffith Observatory stops at the Vermont/Sunset station on the Red Line. That effectively makes the observatory Metro accessible when the bus runs up there on the weekends. Now it’s cheaper to park in a Metro lot and hitch a ride… only by 25¢, though, but it beats driving through Hollywood traffic.

    • Oh wait, I forgot to add in the cost of the bus transfer, plus the return trip. Still, it’s not a huge amount.