FINAL UPDATE: 7th St/Metro Station reopen for service

UPDATE, 10:20 p.m.: The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has concluded their investigation at 7th /Metro Center and the station has reopened for service.


The 7th/Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles is currently closed while the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department completes an investigation of an unattended package. The station has been evacuated and will reopen once the LASD gives the all clear.

Blue Line and Expo Line trains are currently turning back at Pico Station. To complete your trip into downtown, please consider the Metro Silver Line,Metro Local 81 or DASH F. A complete list of suggested alternatives during disruptions can be viewed here.

Red and Purple Line trains are currently traveling all the way through to Union Station in both directions but not stopping at 7th/Metro. If you need to get from Pershing Square to Pico Station, consider walking to 7th/Metro and catching the bus, or try Line 30/330.

The area around the intersection of 7th Street and Flower Street has been closed to make room for LASD vehicles.

Please follow our general Twitter stream or our service alert Twitter stream for frequent updates.

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4 replies

  1. This is the 3rd time in about 5 weeks that the Expo line has dumped me out on the street before we got to 7th & Metro. And it’s the 2nd of those three times that no shuttle buses were provided.
    I know you aren’t going to put this post up on the website, but that doesn’t change the fact that Metrorail is completely crap, and I will be voting NO on M and I’m encouraging everyone I know to vote NO.
    The last thing Metrorail needs is a revenue stream that makes it EVEN LESS responsive to its paying customers.

      • Well Lol, I could keep pushing to get Metro to perform to a better standard. I can continue to insist that Metro (which is a public agency) be more forthright about what is going on – I particularly hate the fiction that the Red and Purple lines have been undergoing 3 years (and counting) of maintenance when it is obvious that is not the case.
        And I can vote against giving Metro a new and permanent revenue stream (measure M) that isn’t tied/keyed to ridership numbers or customer satisfaction. I can vote against measure M based on the fact that I don’t think Metro is doing an adequate job managing their current resources, so why should they build even more?
        And last but not least, I can go back to commuting to work in my car. I use Metro not because I have to, I use it because I want to support public transportation.
        But after 3 years of this I’ve had enough. lol