Two public meetings for Rail to River project on Wednesday




The meetings are for the Rail to River project, which seeks to build a potential walking and biking path between the Crenshaw/LAX Line, the Silver Line, Blue Line and the Los Angeles River. The path would use some of the old Harbor Subdivision rail right-of-way — i.e. the tracks you see on the north side of Slauson Avenue.

Both meetings are in Huntington Park on Wednesday. One is from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and the other from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Salt Lake Park, 3401 E. Florence Avenue.

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  1. although I look forward to bike paths through out SELA, the tracks on Randolph that come from the LA river direction curve north just west of Santa Fe – they go right to the slauson junction( blue line station) where the tracks sit on the north side of slauson. it seems like a logical choice to turn into rail transit. some parts of that slauson section have been proposed for rail to Union station, but who knows. rail transit existed in Bell/Maywood/HP (SELA) since the early 1900’s. these places are dense and transit dependent, on par with Westlake, ELA, SC. makes sense to put rail. in the meantime bike lanes will help. so many people use the river path to commute as well. check it out in the evenings from atlantic blvd in Maywood south towards the 105. a lot of the factory workers ride in from Vernon/boyle heights and use it as a bike freeway. too bad the river path disappears in Vernon/DTLA.

  2. Long term this needs to be an LAX Whittier La Habra LRT line using the Slauson Randolph corridors. Short term this should be a streetcar line connecting with the Crenshaw line at one end and the Blue line at the other end.There are many good reasons for theses two goals.

  3. How bout doing a story on how the people in charge of building this, don’t really use the infrastructure they create? I’m betting you would find EVERYONE from Metro gets around via 4-wheels. How bout an article on that Steve?

  4. What a waste. This line should have been metrollink from LAUS to LAX, or at least light rail.. If you include both, I would be OK with that

    • That’s what I was thinking too..

      I would like to see a streetcar using these old tracks linking Huntington park and the new subway to union station. Such a line would likely need to be build eventually so I can’t see any reason not to leave the tracks in place alongside the bike path to save money when that happens. Building new rail always costs a lot more than upgrading existing track.