Go Little Tokyo! It’s almost time for Nisei Week

Honeymee just opened so the store still smells a little raw, but go anyway and get some delicious honey ice cream.

Honeymee just opened so the store still smells a little raw, but go anyway and get some honey ice cream.

I know it looks really difficult to access Little Tokyo from the Gold Line these days due to all the Regional Connector construction taking place in the area, but I promise you it’s not. The pedestrian detours are clearly marked and easy to navigate, and let’s not forget that DASH and other Metro Buses can still drop you off at the heart of everything.


Was this whole post just an excuse for me to show off my haircut? Maybe. Ask for Sakura at Little Tokyo’s Du Japon Hair Club if you want to walk out feeling fresh and shiny.

All of the businesses are open during construction as well, so please don’t avoid the area thinking there’s nothing to do. In fact, I was in Little Tokyo scrounging for lunch the other day and found out Honeymee had opened in the Japanese Village Plaza. Needless to say, I got dessert for lunch. ???

And if delicious food isn’t reason enough for you to visit Little Tokyo, what about an event that celebrates culture and community? Nisei Week takes place this year from from August 13 through 21 and features food, dancing, martial arts, fashion, music and more. Here are just a few of the events taking place throughout the week:

To arrive at Nisei Week via Metro Rail, take the Metro Gold Line to Little Tokyo/Arts District Station. Helpful hint: Load your TAP card with enough fare for a round-trip or with a Day Pass when starting your trip to avoid long waits at the TAP vending machines on your return.

For bus service to the festival, Metro Bus 30/330 stops at 1st Street/Judge John Aiso Street in Little Tokyo. Please note that DASH A, D, and OCTA Line 701 do not run on weekends.

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  1. Minor ‘oops’ on Grand Parade notice, parade starts at Central and heads West on 2nd, then north on San Pedro, east on 1st and south on Central.
    Not so minor, Metro bus service after 6pm Sunday can be pretty bleak. Fortunately the Silver Line bus runs along Aliso and Arcadia Sts three blocks north of Little Tokyo, headway is 30 mins until 1am. Good luck!