Metro Service Councils will not meet in August, meetings resume in September

Last month, all five Metro Service Councils voted to go dark in August and take a short summer break. Regular meetings will resume in September.

The Gateway Cities Service Council voted in July to move to a new meeting location. Unfortunately, the proposed venue is unavailable, so the meetings will remain at their current location in Huntington Park until the Council can reassess.

Lastly, summer is a season of change and transition, and the Gateway Cities, San Fernando Valley, and Westside Central Councils each have a vacancy.  As each Service Council has its own process for selecting members, if you’d like more information about how to apply, you can submit your questions to the Service Council web page or send them to 

For more information about the Councils, click on the name of the Council below to view their web page.

As always, the public is encouraged to share their comments on improving bus service throughout L.A. County with the Service Councils. If you would like to provide input to a Council but cannot attend a meeting, you can submit your comments in writing through the Service Council web page or send them to If your comments are for a specific Council, please make sure to indicate which one you are addressing in your e-mail.

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