Fare gates to be installed at three Expo Line stations

Work to install fare gates at three Expo Line stations begins on Monday, August 1. The stations are Expo/La Brea, La Cienega/Jefferson and Culver City. Rail service will not be impacted.

Preparation work began on Monday, July 18, and will continue until April 2017. Work has been scheduled from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Residents nearest to stations may hear noise coming from breaking of concrete and backup beeps from work vehicles.

Map cases, lights and bike racks have already been relocated. Follow the posted signs for easy entry into the stations.

For more information contact Carlos Valdez at valdezc@metro.net or follow us at Twitter @metrolosangeles or Facebook.com/losangelesmetro.

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  1. Better late than never about installing the gates. Metro also needs to hold LASD more accountable, they seem to have slacked off on fare monitoring in the last few years.

    On the same subject, are fare gates coming to the stations east of La Brea? I see rampant evasion at Expo/Crenshaw – LASD needs to exit the donut shop and Do Their **** Job!

  2. This is fantastic news — entirely appropriate to install these gates considering the increased ridership on the line.

  3. This is a very good thing. I’ve seen waaaaaay too many people at those stations just walk on without bothering to pay. That’s how you get homeless or mentally impaired people sleeping or randomly yelling at other passengers on the trains. Most normal mass transit places around the world do this and it’s weird that we didn’t have them to begin with here.

  4. Is what is needed is fair inspectors, not gates. The culture is to ignore the gates. With fair inspectors that will stand up to fair evaders and kick them off the trains will do a lot to discourage additional fair evaders and more important give the riders a sense of safety. I personally know several people who tried the Blue or Expo lines and had poor experience with un-kept homeless, rowdy kids, screaming crazy people etc. They went back to driving. Fair inspectors (one member of the team needs to be 220 lbs. with mussels who will not be intimidated) This will cost a whole lot less than gates and be far more effective at discouraging fair evaders and promote passengers safety.

    • I might be confused – I assume they are talking about parking fare gates. If the gates just access the train, well, no issues there. I don’t mind paying for my trip.

      • My read on this is that these are in fact fare gates for the train, not parking.

      • They do have fare inspectors – I’ve seen sheriffs checking fares both on the trains and at the exits to various stations. It’s intermittent, though.

        The fare gates are a first line defense – those stations never should have been built without them in the first place. When Expo’s first section opened and there weren’t any turnstiles at the stations I honestly wondered what they were thinking.

        They could always have a sheriff or two stations by the gates to ticket the farebeaters, However, given the safety and harassment issues that often happen on Metro buses and trains, I’d honestly rather see those sheriffs watching over passengers than worrying about fares.

  5. Sorry to tell you but these gates are useless. I see people hopping them or going through the handicap gates without swiping all the time.

    • “Sorry to tell you, but traffic signals are useless. I see people running them all the time.”

      • You may have meant that sarcastically, but sadly it’s true – and worse for bicyclists.
        I was talking abt the parking gates, as they add in pay for those lots. Which takes away the savings for using the train. I can live with the additional time frame – as long as the train isn’t swapped for buses that day – but if they take away both my savings and my time, then why am I taking the train.

      • Ehh, both statements are somewhat true here. The gates don’t stop anyone from going through and I kid you not, I was driving home one day around 3am, and as of I’m pulling off the gas station, I see 2 cars completely ignore the red light and drove past by them. I saw them do this for 4 intersections before I took a different route. Cyclists are extremely guilty of ignoring traffic at all times of the day.

        Point is maybe they are both not useless, but sadly they are not doing their jobs.

        I don’t get why I can’t take the Red Line to 7th/Metro, exit the station to grab a quick bite to eat, then proceed to transfer to the Expo Line without either slipping my way into the gate and then TAP the transfer validators or get charged again at the gates??

          • Read what I said again. If I exit the station at 7th/Metro after riding the red line, go grab something to eat or go to the bank real fast and then TRANSFER to the expo line, the initial TAP validators at the turnstiles are wired to the Red and Purple Lines, not the Blue and Expo Line, I’ll get charged again. So because I initially TAP on the red line, I will get charged again because this stupid system doesn’t realize that I’m not getting on the red line again, but getting to the blue or expo line.

            The only way to avoid this situation is not leaving the station at all, or bypass the turnstiles and then use the TAP validators on the Blue/Expo platforms.

            This only occurs at 7th/Metro. The double charges never happens to me at LAUS (Red to Gold transfer) nor at Noho (Red to Orange transfer). This is something that CLEARLY needs to get fixed.

          • This is not supposed to happen – you are supposed to be able to transfer to any line within the 2 hrs (or even a bus) – but I agree, I’ve had that issue before, transferring between the Expo and Red lines. And I wrote/emailed/called the metro and tap folks with no response of any kind. None. So … fixing it requires someone willing to respond to customer complaints/concerns, which I just don’t see happening any time soon.

        • the solution is to just tap the transfer and then exit the station and when you are ready to continue walk to the pico station its an easy walk there

  6. I can’t tell you how much I hate this. Enough that the trains are constantly breaking down, that it takes longer, that our tap cards expire and money loaded expires and no one seems to care that we who use the train are not dabbling for fun but saving money and gas. The other problems need to be solved first. And certainly on weekends and evenings, when parking is readily available, it should be free. People are not filling the cars because you keep monetizing in a way that makes driving more and more appealing – even among those of us who really want to use public transportation.