Expo Line repairs completed, regular service for Thursday a.m. commute

UPDATE, 5 A.M. THURSDAY: Work and testing has been completed and there will be regular Expo Line service for Thursday morning’s commute with some speed restrictions around the area of track repaired. Thank you for your patience and good morning!


UPDATE, 4:30 A.M. THURSDAY: Test trains are now running. We’ll know the status of Thursday’s commute around 5 a.m. and will post here. We’re hoping for regular service with some speed restrictions. In the meantime, trains are single-tracking around the incident area.


Our post from Thursday night:

The issue involves damaged overhead wires above the eastbound tracks between Culver City and Palms stations. Trains are single-tracking around the incident area using the westbound tracks. About 500 feet of wire is damaged.

A traction power crew is on scene. At this time there is no estimate when the work will be completed.

Announcements are being made to keep passengers informed of the service strategy and delays. Please stay tuned to our main Twitter feed or service alert feed for updates on the Thursday morning commute.As usual, Metro apologizes for any inconvenience and delay.

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  1. @metrolosangeles really lame all the cars are packed and not enough cars. I’m in car 1023A right now and the emergency assistance alarm has been going off the whole trip. Hitting the button does nothing. You guys have a long way to go. Last time I was on a train there was a metro employee just sitting at the end of the car doing nohjng. A family got on and an empty beer can started rolling around spilling beer. The father picked it up and asked the metro guy what to do with it. His answer… Just put it back on the ground. Are you ducking kidding me???! I consistently notice complete apathy and disregard for customers by metro employees. Not all but more than I should.