After a whole week of Pokémon GO Metro, here’s what I’ve learned

On the bus, on the train, while waiting at stations and roaming in packs down city streets…I’ve spent the week watching others play Pokémon GO while doing a fair bit of playing myself, and here are a few observations.

  • Hollywood is lit with Pokéstops and apparently Kermit the Frog’s Walk of Fame star is a gym. The Red Line Hollywood/Highland and Hollywood/Vine stations serve the area best.
  • Barnsdall Art Park is another good place to search. Use the Red Line Sunset/Vermont Station.
  • Pokéstops in Little Tokyo, which you can reach via the Gold Line, is THE place to get incense.
  • Union Station has two Pokégyms and yet somehow I’m too far to access either of them. ?  It is also home to quite a few Pokémon.
  • There are no Pokémon at Irwindale Station. Not even a Srirachachu.
  • There is a Ponyta at Grand Park and I want it! Alas I have not yet had a chance to subway over yet.
  • Dratini hang around Santa Monica. Sadly I have not been able to Expo over yet either.
  • Riding the Green Line is a pretty good way to catch Pokémon, which is surprising considering it mainly runs down the middle of the 105 freeway.
  • It’s easier to catch Pokémon on buses instead of trains. This makes sense since trains generally travel faster. I also feel there should be some kind of transit rider trainer medal, for most catches while in transit. The pressure you feel to catch that Pokémon before the train pulls out of the station is real.

  • Walking the dog is a great way to hatch a lot of eggs. Trying to get the dog to hold still so you can snap a cute puppy + Pokémon picture…not so great. (My dog isn’t a fan of being photographed unless treats can be earned.)
  • Not many people seem to be joining Team Instinct. Is it because we’re considered the Hufflepuff team? ?

So that’s week one for me. I’m looking forward to the slew of walking, biking and transit-oriented events being organized around Pokémon hunts. In fact, there’s one taking place with railLA this Saturday, and we’re planning on a Pokémon GO Metro Gold Line takeover next Sunday. Follow @PokemonGOMetro on Twitter for more details.

And as always, safety is paramount. I haven’t personally witnessed anyone walk into a lamppost yet because of this game, but here’s your reminder to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Play it safe, so you can be around to see the game evolve.

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