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A reminder that the three-month closure of Patsaouras Bus Plaza starts Monday, July 11. The plaza will be getting some much needed upgrades.

Have a Metro 7-Day or 30-Day pass? You can now ride DASH for free.

Metro has launched bike share in DTLA! Here are 10 things you should know about Metro Bike.

Once you buy your pass, find out which streets are best for riding.

More details on the service council meetings taking place in July.

Grab your TAP card and put on your stretchy pants, it’s time for LA Foodfest.

And finally, celebrate Obon in Little Tokyo!

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  1. You omit this item:
    All Metro 7 and 30-day pass holders can ride DASH for free for six months regardless of the type of pass a rider is holding.

    I hope this program to make it permanent and expand to all muni agencies and Metrolink trains with the L.A. County Metro and Muni buses service area.

    • Thanks for reminding me! Added to roundup.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. Why spend any money of the Patsaouras Bus Plaza now when the LAUPT Master Plan calls for it to be relocated above the present rail passenger concourse? Relocation of this plaza should be done right-off-the-bat even if not all of the plans are put in place. This is because it would be more convenient for passengers transferring to and from the Gold (soon to be Blue) Line and the Red/Purple Lines than is currently the case.

    Also, with respect to LAUPT, is any consideration being given to adding another passenger platform and two additional station tracks in the space currently occupied by the present Patsaouras Bus Plaza? Even with the SCRIP reducing station dwell times on some, but not all, station tracks, additional station tracks and platform may be needed, and this is the time to consider this while the plans are still fluid. If nothing else, this space should be set aside in case more tracks are needed later.

    Finally, I note that a new Silver Line platform is proposed in the busway median south-east of the station. Will this platform also be available to Foothill Transit’s Silver Streak and their Line 699? If not, why not? Also, will moving sidewalks be provided between this new busway station and the train concourse and relocated bus plaza?

    CAHSR may have its own reasons, but I feel that the better HSR station location is above the existing passenger tracks just east of the Gold/Blue Line station, again to facilitate transfers. The HSR tracks heading south would then be above and parallel to the SCRIP loop tracks, thus perhaps avoiding more real estate acquisition costs. The HSR tracks could then be merged with the other tracks as part of their blended system serving Fullerton.

  3. Did anybody see the ridership statistics for June? The first full month of Expo service kicks off with 45,876 average weekday riders, up more than 50 percent from before the opening to Santa Monica. This should continue to grow now that almost all peak period trains are now operated with three-car consists. I expect to see this grow to 49-50,000 weekday riders when school is opened in September. Weekend ridership is also very strong, with around 35,000 daily riders on both Saturdays and Sundays.
    The Gold Line is back above 50,000, but still less than 10 percent higher than six months ago.