UPDATE: 7th St/Metro Center Station now open after LASD investigation

UPDATE 5:20 p.m.: The 7th Street/Metro Center Station is now open after an LASD investigation of an unattended package. All trains are resuming normal service to the station.

EARLIER POST: The 7th Street/Metro Center Station in downtown Los Angeles is currently closed while the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department completes investigation of an unattended package. The station has been evacuated and will reopen once LASD gives the all clear.

Blue and Expo Line trains are currently turning back at Pico Station. To complete your trip into downtown, please consider the Metro Silver Line,Metro Local 81 or DASH F. A complete list of suggested alternatives during disruptions can be viewed here

Red and Purple Line trains are currently traveling all the way through in both directions but bypassing 7th St/Metro. If you need to get from Pershing Square to Pico Station, consider walking to 7th/Metro and catching the bus, or try Line 30/330.

The area around 7th Street and Flower has been closed to make room for LASD vehicles.

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5 replies

  1. Can you please give an update (other than your twitter announcement that the station has been reopened) as to what they found in their investigation?

    • Hi Cris,

      That information is to be provided by LASD and we don’t normally include with our service info.

      Media has reported it to be a hoax device. Thank you.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. Shout out! Thank goodness for Happy Hour @ 800 Degrees. Great food & staff during the 7th & Metro closure.

  3. when leaving stations open to the nonpaying carrying all manner of garbage in all manner of multiple containers- it may be a poor policy to shut down stations upon locating an unattended package.

  4. LADOT/Metrolink Bunker Hill Shuttle does not exist (webpage non-responsive). Also, you should have noted that riding the Silver Line requires a premium fare.

    The only line line that should be required is one that connects the Pico Station to 7th and Flower. Line 81 is the logical choice.

    Most of the DASH routes stop running at 6:00pm.