Artwork at Division 13 up for CODA award, go vote for it!

The art installation at Metro’s brand new Division 13, “El Aliso de Los Angeles” by Christine Ulke, is a top 100 finalist for the CODA awards for the world’s best design and art projects. If you like the way the lantern brightens the corner of Cesar Chavez and Vignes, go and vote for it! Voting is open until June 30, 11:59 GMT.

The entry is listed as “Bus Operations Maintenance Facility “El Aliso de Los Angeles” six rows down.

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  1. For a bus depot next door to a county jail, Division 13 is a very sharp looking building. 🙂

  2. This beautiful artwork is highly visible from outside the Metro bus facility, especially at night when it is illuminated by LED lights from within the artwork itself. It pays tribute to a 400 year Sycamore that used to be at the Los Angeles River near the Metro bus facility. The Sycamore was located at one of the largest settlements of the native Tongva people in the LA basin. There is a further description of this artwork at this website: as well as the many other art installations celebrating a collaboration of design and art that brighten our world.

  3. Wait a minute! Metro still hasn’t buttoned down the Silver Line’s all-doors boarding by willfully not installing tap card vending machines and program to detect Metrolink issued tap cards. You guys misplace your priorities by talking about artwork installations in an employee-only area. Give me a Break!