Stick figures meet their maker

Above is new and — I think — good approach to safety videos by Metro. These were inspired by the “Dumb Ways to Die” video produced by the Melbourne Metro in 2012, which I consider the creme del la creme of PSAs.

This pair of quotes from Metro’s news release get the point across:

“Safety is our highest priority for Metro riders. These videos are edgy by design because we want these messages to stick,” said Metro Board Chair and Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. “A lapse of attention at a rail crossing or unsafe behavior at a station can have dire if not deadly consequences. Let’s all do our part to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.”

“We want people to be safe around trains and we think these provocative messages will help riders as they use the services,” said Metro CEO Phillip Washington. “In the past few months we have expanded the Gold Line from Pasadena to Azusa and the Expo Line from Culver City to Santa Monica, places where many people are unaccustomed to interacting with trains.”

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  1. Kudos to the Metro execs who had to approve these videos. Hope there isn’t too much flak from the PC ‘victim advocate’ crowd.
    Any idea if these will air on local television?

    Another idea for grade crossing protection – add pedestrian motion detection triggering a ‘Redd Foxx’ voiced warning: “Hey dummy, stay off the @#$%*&^ tracks!” I think he would approve …..

  2. This unfortunately is part of a trend of Metro exaggerating and blurring lines. Everyone runs to catch trains in every city, the focus should be on not trying to get through closing doors. Similarly, the announcements on the Metro say to report unwanted comments to the police, last time I checked that wasn’t a crime.

  3. Safetyville? Metro blue line is the unsafe of them all! Little to no security, yet a crowd of white shirts trainees on their phones egnoring all violators. Train carts are filthy (trash, food, gum on seats, even condoms on floor). The blue line is a train wreck that happens on the daily! Delays, rude employees, and bad sevice describes the blue line in a nutshell! 8 years of unsafe, late, and bad service! Nothing good to say about the blue line.

  4. Ridiculous video. I don’t understand why metro would suggest that a skater (btw, to be a skater, one is amazingly talented, very agile, and a great creative/athletic sport for all types of people, including younger kids) . I with with dogs, totally unrelated (obviously), but I have a tremendous respect for what skaters do. I’d like to see the stats on who’s jumping or accidentally falling to a serious injury or their death on metro train tracks…..probably not skaters.

  5. […] « Nous pensons que ces messages provocateurs aideront les gens lorsqu’ils utilisent notre service », a dit le président de l’entreprise qui gère le métro, Phillip Washington. « Ces vidéos sont volontairement modernes parce que nous voulons que l’on se rappelle du message », ajoute Mark Ridley-Thomas, qui s’occupe des transports pour le comté de Los Angeles. […]