Celebrating 1 million rides on the Dodger Stadium Express on the first day of summer

The Dodger Stadium Express is going strong, with service to every Dodger home game this season from Union Station and the South Bay. We celebrated the DSE’s 1 millionth ride this past Monday with our one millionth rider(s): Mike Lukes, a lifelong Dodger fan, his wife Kumi Lukes and their two children, Sean and Sophie.

The family is from Temecula and drove to Claremont to take a Metrolink train to Union Station, where they were transferring to the Dodger Stadium Express. Upon arrival, they found out they were the millionth rider and were presented with a large Dodger Stadium Express “Golden Ticket” and a one-month TAP Metro pass. The Dodgers also helped us celebrate the milestone by providing tickets to a future Dodger game, meal vouchers, and a Dodger gift bag. Sean Lukes, 11 years old, was given the opportunity to throw the first pitch at the game. And to cap it all off, the Dodgers beat the Washington Nationals four to one.

“The last time I went to a Dodgers game, I was seven-years-old,” said Mike Lukes. “There was definitely no Dodger Stadium Express then. We decided to take the bus because I heard it was convenient and easier than parking at the stadium, and now my family and I have this amazing experience we’ll be able to remember forever.”

The Dodger Stadium Express runs every Dodger home game. Service leaves from Union Station 90 minutes before game time, and from Harbor Gateway two hours before game time. Dodger Stadium Express is funded with a grant approved by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC).

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  1. Buses to Dodger Stadium are not a new idea. The RTD ran them for years. Service was stopped after the merger and the new MTA took over. It was just another example of their short sighted policies.