Final Update: Gold Line trains resuming normal service

UPDATE, 7:30 a.m.: Train service has been restored. There will be some minor residual delays through 8 a.m. as train spacing evens out.

UPDATE, 7:14 a.m.: Train service has been restored to one track through incident area. Customers will need to exit trains and cross platform to transfer at Highland Park Station in order to continue their trip. Please follow station announcements.


The Gold Line is experiencing major delays due to a train-auto incident near Highland Park Station. The incident occurred at about 6:39 a.m. There is currently no train service between South Pasadena and Southwest Museum Station. Bus shuttles have been requested.

We’ll provide updates as we learn more. Here are alternate bus routes for the Gold Line.

For frequent updates, please follow us on our regular Twitter account or our Twitter account that only has rider alerts.

Metro reminds all pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and others to always be alert and to look and listen at rail crossings. Never try to beat a train. 

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  1. The whole time I was waiting on the Fillmore and S. Pasadena platforms between 6:40 and 7:15 this morning, the scrolling message board was warning us about upcoming delays on Saturday, June 25. There was no mention of the ongoing delay, nor were there any audio messages about it. When I boarded the south-bound train, there was an announcement that the final stop would be Highland Park (later revised to S. Pasadena), but there was no mention of how passengers might hope to get from the final stop to Union Station.