Community meeting for Eastside Gold Line Phase 2 study on June 22

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Metro will host a community meeting in East Los Angeles to provide updates and receive public input on the latest developments of the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 project.

Metro is studying two alternatives (SR60 and Washington Boulevard) to extend the Metro Gold Line east from its current terminus at Pomona and Atlantic boulevards. Metro conducted four community meetings for the project in late March in East Los Angeles, South El Monte, Whittier and Montebello. Based on feedback received at the March community meetings, Metro is holding a second meeting in East Los Angeles, which has been scheduled for:

Wednesday, June 22, 6-8 p.m.

Griffith Middle School (Cafeteria)

4765 E 4th Street

East Los Angeles

The “Washington Boulevard” alternative was originally designed to follow the SR-60 freeway and then turn south, running on an aerial structure above Garfield Avenue and turning east on Washington Boulevard, ending near the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Lambert Road. However, the aerial segment on Garfield Avenue has been eliminated from consideration, which has led to further studies to identify a new route to Whittier that does not include the eliminated aerial section on Garfield Avenue.

Three route concepts for the Washington Boulevard alternative that are currently under consideration:

1) along Arizona Avenue, with potential stations at Arizona/Whittier and The Citadel;

2) along Atlantic Boulevard, with potential stations at Atlantic/Whittier and The Citadel, and;

3) along Garfield Avenue, with the same stations that were proposed in the Draft EIR. The Garfield Avenue route concept would need to include an underground segment to replace the aerial portion that was eliminated by the Metro Board. The configuration (above street, street level or underground) of potential routes on Arizona Avenue and Atlantic Boulevard have not been determined.

The “SR-60” alternative generally follows the southern edge of the SR-60 Freeway terminating at Peck Road in the city of South El Monte. The train would run along the south side of the freeway on an elevated track crossing over existing freeway ramps, and would travel for a short distance on the north side of the SR-60 freeway between approximately Greenwood Avenue and Paramount Boulevard. This alignment is identified as the SR-60 North Side Design Variation (NSDV).

At their November, 2014 meeting, the Metro Board of Directors directed staff to: 1) continue studying both alternatives, and also explore the option of operating both alternatives; 2) for the SR-60 alignment, follow up on comments received from partner agencies to evaluate and mitigate concerns raised in the Draft Environmental document; 3) for the Washington Boulevard alignment, eliminate an aerial section on Garfield Avenue and develop a new alignment to get to Whittier, and; 4) develop a cost containment plan.

The public will hear about work that has been done to address comments raised regarding specific areas of the SR-60 route. The meeting will also include opportunities for the public to ask questions and submit comments and suggestions about the project, including the three Washington Boulevard route concepts under consideration.

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  1. […] Wednesday 6/22 – Metro hosts a community meeting to give updates and receive public input on the Eastside Gold Line Transit Corridor Phase 2 project. There are some new plans being studied for how to get from East L.A. to Washington Boulevard in the East L.A., Commerce, Montebello area. The meeting will be from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Griffith Middle School Cafeteria at 4765 E 4th Street in East Los Angeles. Details at The Source. […]

  2. Why call this the Gold Line ?? by the time this is constructed will be the Expo Line eastern Branch and not part of the current Gold Line

  3. Why would the MTA run a Light Rail Line along Washington Bl. when in the past the MTA relegated Line 104 as a contract line and then giving it up to Montebello Transit to operate due to low ridership?