Getting to Dodger Stadium: driving not required

A few weeks ago, the L.A. Times shared the story of two dedicated Dodger fans who decided to skip game day traffic by walking 22 miles to Dodger Stadium. After hearing about the trek across Los Angeles County, the Dodgers reached out to Jay Lewitt and Rick Gottesman to thank them for their commitment to the team — and also to ask if they’d consider giving their feet a break and the Dodger Stadium Express a try for the game on June 8.

The two agreed and, perhaps because of this video, they decided to start their trip in Santa Monica. Both Jay and Rick are avid hikers, and after a quick walk along the coast, they hopped on the Expo Line at Downtown Santa Monica Station.

For Jay, it was his first time on the new Expo Line extension. For Rick, it was his first time riding Metro, period. (It was only a month ago he’d even seen one of L.A.’s subway stations.) The experience?

“The trip was great! When riding in a passenger car, you miss so many of the sights. While on Metro, we could see everything…”

…and run into other Dodgers fans who could help take photos while asking if they knew about “those two guys who walked to Dodger Stadium.”

Once at Union Station, the pair found themselves with a little too much extra time — turns out, riding Metro is definitely faster than walking. So to get their steps in, they decided to save the Express for later and walked up to Dodger Stadium.

So there you have it. Driving not required to reach Dodger Stadium from the Westside. All you need are some walking shoes and a TAP card.

2 replies

  1. Hell yeah that was a good move. It’s such an easy and pretty enjoyable route and experience to walk ( <2 miles ) from Union Station to Dodger Stadium. How many of us can legitimately forsake the walk cause it's not needed?


  2. Some day I will try to walk up from Chinatown Station. Not that far, but a bit of a hike uphill. I doubt it is much worse than walking up from the Short Stop in Echo Park, which is my usual routine.