Three-month closure of Patsaouras Bus Plaza begins July 11

Patsaouras Bus Plaza will close beginning July ll through Oct 10 to undergo needed upgrades after 20 years of wear and tear. While the closure is in effect, work crews will resurface the plaza, replace the waterproofing and draining system and add a pedestrian safety fence.

Metro buses currently entering the plaza will be relocated to temporary stop locations on the corner of Cesar Chavez/Vignes or Cesar Chavez/Alameda. See where your stop is being moved in the maps below.

pats plaza closure + temp stops

Pats Bus Plaza Temp Stops

Access Services shuttles and LAX FlyAway buses will pick-up and drop-off customers in front of Union Station West. Megabus will use the Amtrak customer pick-up and drop-off area also on the west side of Union Station.

All pedestrian walkways from the corner of Vignes/Cesar Chavez and Ramirez/Vignes will remain open so customers can walk between the temporary bus stops.

As a reminder, the new pick-up/drop-off area for private vehicles at Union Station East is currently under construction and is set to open July 9. The facility will be accessible to all vehicles under 8 feet tall by entering the underground parking garage on Vignes.

Separating private vehicles from larger buses and shuttles will allow easier traffic flow and safer navigating in and out of the plaza. For more help finding temporary stop locations, call 323. GO. METRO.

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  1. I am one of many who volunteer at the Information Booth at Union Station. The service is provided by the Los Angeles Tourist and Convention Bureau. Metro better provide us with maps, schedules, and maybe even staff for the Information Booth during this project. I, for one, am not going to be scapegoat for the confusion that is going to result. Metro better provide a bunch of knowledgeable Metro staff in the station to direct people to relocated bus stops. I am not going to try to direct ten thousand confused patrons.

  2. Please tell us if this refurbishment work is Not being done 24/7 to expedite the schedule, and why.
    This is going to make Alameda St. a real ‘bus cluster’, and as LAUS is one of my primary destinations I’m dreading this.